Original title: 2,380 Soviet companies will go to the online Canton Fair (Reporter Shao Sheng Yu Ding Si) The 129th Canton Fair continues to be online from April 15th to 24th, which is the third "cloud" of the Canton Fair.

The current Canton Fair is in accordance with electronic home appliances, machinery, building materials, daily consumer goods, home decorations, textile and apparel, etc., the total number of booths is about 60,000, with about 10,000 domestic enterprises, and the top 100 more than 270 10,000 pieces, more than 230,000 pieces, and high in history. There are 2380 foreign trade companies in Jiangsu to participate in the current Canton Fair, accounting for 10% of the total number of participating companies.

Jiangsu Enterprise Online display has a new high, a total of approximately 210,000 pieces is twice the first online Canton Fair. The current Canton Fair Partner-China Manufacturing Network upgraded the smart matching system, using large data technology, set a unique portrait for each buyer, achieve more personalized product recommendation, more accurately matching the purchasing demand. (Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).