Hard work pays off,Finally found the cutting pliers,Hung on an apple tree not far from the fence,Of course Lu Ying found it。
With this thing,The two could not help but lift up,Quickly walked towards the westernmost side of the orchard。Everything went smoothly。But a wall,Xia Jian was dumbfounded。It turns out that outside the orchard is a village,And where they are standing,It should be a family courtyard。
Fortunately, this family is sleeping soundly,And no dog,Otherwise, it’s really hard for them to get out of here。In silence,Xia Jian and Lu Ying walked out of this small courtyard。They took a lot of trouble,Just walked on the road。Here may have reached the countryside,There is not even a street light on the side of the road。
“Mr. Xia!We can’t do this,Once discovered by the police,Very likely to be caught“Lu Ying whispered。
Xia Jian thought about it:“I called someone to pick us up in a car,It really doesn’t work。Although I can’t see how we are now,But what I can think of“Xia Jian took out his mobile phone。
Because for the safety of the operation,Both he and Lu Ying’s phones are off。As soon as he opened it,Yao Junli called。Yao Junli on the phone said crying:“Where are you!Why the phone keeps turning off?What money i don’t want,You come back quickly,I’m so confused,Let you take this risk“
“Don’t say anything,Hurry up and drive to pick us up,The address is a small village in the west of Longdong Road,It seems to be called Dongping Village,We are waiting for you under a big locust tree at the entrance of this village“Xia Jian finished,So he hung up the phone。
If there are other things in this bag,He is not nervous yet,But this package is more than one million,It’s weird if he is not nervous。Xia Jian and Lu Ying hid behind the big locust tree,As the saying goes“Be careful“They don’t want to have an accident at this moment。
About half an hour later,The lights flash,A small car is coming。at this time,Drive the car so fast and run to this place,It must be Yao Junli。Xia Jian went out carrying a bag,Beckoned。
The car stopped by Xia Jian’s side,It was indeed Yao Junli who was in the car.。Xia Jian said nothing,Pull the car door,He called Lu Ying to get in。
“Hurry up“Xia Jian said loudly。