“You can’t say that,Teacher Han!Who never come to the meeting!But speaking,That kid Wang Yufei is really amazing now!”
“Who said no!Teacher Han,Your old Guo is really a wise eye,I found the treasure!”
546 Sloppy
The office is very lively。
Fortunately, President Wang did not visit the high school building today to inspect discipline,Otherwise, I absolutely have to criticize these teachers:“Look at you,Your office is the noisiest in the whole building,how?This is a temple fair?”
But even if President Pharaoh really came,I’m afraid it can’t stop a group of teachers from falling into the mood of recollection at this time。
Start with Hangeul,Wang Yufei remembered everything that happened after Wang Yufei came to the Provincial No. 1 Middle School.。
I have to say that although Lao Han teaches math,But the language organization ability is also very strong,From the first time he saw Wang Yufei,This little guy shocked him with the Mathematical Olympiad books that he casually threw on his desk,In the Mathematical Olympiad class, he directly took down the problem genius Hualu Yuxin, who had a headache at the time.,Then to the story of Wang Yufei, Lu Yuxin, and Lao Yu from the Academic Affairs Office……
The last part of this emotional memory,Is to let everyone in the office reach a consensus quickly:“Teacher Han Qian,You must let your old Guo treat dinner tonight,And it must be based on Huatian,Can only be of higher grade,Never accept a table with a consumption of less than 10,000 yuan,Otherwise, a group strike the next day!”
In return,Everyone said that they must guard the TV until ten o’clock tonight,Watch Wang Yufei’s first interview with China Media。
Very fair!
Of course, it’s not just the teachers from the high school alma mater who follow Wang Yufei on the show。
And foreign friends。
Yes,Love·Dracula also learned about Wang Yufei’s show。
It’s not that he has very good news in China,Mainly because Wang Yufei’s every move is now being focused on by the Quantum Technology Association,There are even special arrangements for people to collect various news about Wang Yufei through various channels。
To defeat an opponent, you must first understand everything about him。