In the era of big swirls,Who dares to say that they will become the last winner?
Hustle,Once is also infinitely close to that position,Last how?
sometimes,Really not strength,Win around。
For example,Xuanwumen change。
Another one,Fish praised the messenger sent by the coma,Take someone directly to the Chu Wangfu。now,Zhang Weizhi sitting in the town of Chu,A further information sent,Every one of Zhang Wei has assisted,Everything is in order。
See this scene,Fish praise has to admit,Vision,He feels that Zhang Wei may be better than yourself.,But if it is the talent,He compared with each other,That is really far away.。
“Zhang Changshi,According to the main branch,I brought people.,Have you tried。”
The meaning of fish praise is:Gao Bo Yi let Laozi wait for you,Laozi is waiting for you。
“That’s thank you fish.。”
Zhang Wei smiled,The person who said in a coma is said.:“I was a personal guard in Gao Yue.,Confident, it is still possible,People throw here。”
He is irony to praise three feet,Do not move。No faces with fish,Let the other party understand the meaning of the words,The horizontal speech is better than the fish.。
“Then tell the retreat。”
Fish prays hate can’t be broken,But I also know,He is really a three-legged,Do not have a countertop,This is far more than the fish.,Gao Baoyi is recognized in the belief。
Come completely no way to remove the hat,Not worth it。
Waiting for the fish,Zhang Wei is awake,Do not urge each other,Instead, it is calmly watching the letter written.。
This door,Also hard,Neither go,Not talk,Take this, look at Zhang Wei。
“Gao Yan must die,You don’t have to follow。Give you high,My master is ten times to you.,money,Farmland,beauty,Official position,Just pick you,As long as you have a skill, you can get it.。
I mean, do you understand??”
Zhang Wei’s calm looks at the people in front of,The other party is just not talking,But it is already quite shake.。
This year,So-called Qixian,That is what。
For example, the family raises professional killer,On weekdays, the beautiful woman is good for wine.,That is not white to you.。
Need you to kill people,You have to do anything wrong with!otherwise,Do you think people are Kaifeng??
“Next time,You will replace a name life,In fact, is it now very understood?,I don’t tied your hands and feet.,Also did not block your mouth,To die,You can die at any time.?”
Zhang Wei gave the opponent’s soul!
So hard man,Why is it in your own?
Is it afraid of death or afraid of pain?
“I say”
The door of the door is the same as,Planned the plan,All and drive。In fact, there is no new thing.,Datonging with Gao Boyi Expedition。
But get the exact answer,Still exciting。Because guess, no matter how close,That’s just guess,A variety of variables。
And now,Some of the high-tech plan,And is the most critical part of,Zhang Wei put his heart into his stomach.。As far as the current plan,Can steadily eat a group of people such as high 浚!
The most terrible thing in the world,Be unknown。Among the war,The less unknown things,The more known things,So, the greater it.。
Zhang Wei will be in the bamboo tube,Roasted a fire lacquer,Hand gave a high-tech door。
“Send a letter,What makes you do?,What do you do?。My commitment is still effective。”
Zhang Wei said。
The door is holding bamboo tubes,The head is not going back.,It seems that it is very resolute.。