Flurry,One bite,Shrink,Fast action。
One breath,The congenital consummation practitioners have their faces grey and blue,Kneel down,Hard to mobilize a trace of strength。
“Hahaha!”The golden lion king laughs presumptuously,“Although this poisonous snake is not a beast,But also different,The toxicity is second to none among the innate monsters,Even the old demon of the Purple Mansion will be affected。Although your god and demon body is very resistant,I’m afraid it won’t last long!”
The golden lion shook his heads,Pounce directly on those eight innates。
Two masters with innate late stage gods and demons only blocked three breaths,Was shot flying。
Hard to kill,But those six who are purely refining air currents are much easier to kill。
Refining air flow compared to gods and demons refining body,The attack may not be weak,But the defense is too far,Once close to death。
Other innate masters see,Face change,Need to rush to join hands against the enemy,But he was entangled by his opponent。
“not good!”
The strongest old woman in the hands of the eight innate masters holds the dragon head stick,Turn into a phantom desire to block,But was smashed by the golden lion roar。
The golden lion king’s face shows a triumphant smile,The right paw suddenly enlarged,Shoot out,Unparalleled true power is condensed on the giant claw phantom。
What sounds these innate seem to hear,Then a flower in front of me。