“Ha ha ha”
The man looked at Yin Geng who was kneeling on the ground, very satisfied,There appeared a black snake exactly like Fuming’s hand。
The man slightly let go of his control on the black snake,Yin Geng’s body began to have strong pain in the genetically locked place!
Yin Geng is rolling on the ground,His face is extremely red,I feel like my genetic lock is about to break!
“Is it very comfortable??”
Man squatting on the ground,With the corners of the mouth.
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four:another world,Bewitching Yin Geng!
The man’s eyes are flat:“Observation is still pretty good”
Fuming did not speak,Take out the student badge of Bailian Academy in your bracelet。
Yin Kong took a look,Smiled immediately:“It seems that Lu Hengzhi told you!”
“Just the hand you showed just now,I don’t think no one doesn’t know!”
Yin Kong laughed:“Look at my brain,I forgot this,Ugh,Getting older,My mind is not working”
“I think Xinwang rescued me not just to take me to drink tea?”
Yin Kong had a meal with his teacup hand,Put down slowly。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five:Yin Geng’s Psychological Shadow,Come back