“Miss Mu,In our hometown,There is a soul transfer technique,Just can solve this problem。Bei Gongwang’s insanity,I can remove his soul,Swap with another person,Wait for him to recover,Won’t attack us!”
“what?There are such thaumaturgy in the world?How do you exchange?”Mu Feiyan listens to this routine,Sure enough, it seems very reliable。
Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“This is mainly voluntary。But fortunately, Beigongwang is unconscious,Not difficult。Otherwise I will exchange you and his soul?You occupy his body,Also be a fighter?”
This remark,Mu Feiyan was so scared that Huarong was pale,She only needs to think of this weird scene,Scalp tingling,Uncomfortable。
“No!Never!I don’t understand combat skills,I’ll be seen through as soon as I return to Beigong’s house。And that,I don’t want to become him!”Mu Feiyan said sadly。
Lu Menglin had already thought about it,Just a brainstorm,Deliberately teasing her。
“I can’t!I don’t care,But I want to host the soul exchange,I can’t change my soul by myself。Ugh,Difficult!”Lu Menglin shook his head deliberately,Sighed。
Mu Feiyan’s eyes lit up suddenly,Pointing to the mutant monkey that has been shrinking in the corner,Said:“Does it work?Exchange it with Bei Gongwang’s soul!Anyway, we just need to return Bei Gongwang to Bei Gong family,As for whether he can recover,It’s none of our business。”
“So?it’s not good!Don’t you think it’s too cruel?Brother Bei Gong will be sober after one day,I found my soul trapped in a pet,Can’t speak,Weak and weak,He will keep going crazy?”Lu Menglin almost smiled and said。
Mu Feiyan blinked,A serious persuasion:“Hero Lu,You must not relent!Don’t forget,Bei Gongwang wanted to kill you and me just now!This person is cruel,If let him recover,We all die without a place to bury。Moreover,We don’t kill him,Just swap his soul with that pet,He is already very cheap。”
“This is the retribution he deserves!I think it can!”The more Mu Feiyan thinks about it, the more he thinks this idea is really wonderful,Not only can solve the immediate trouble perfectly,And it’s quite relieved。
Just think of,That incredible Beigongwang,Was actually stayed in the body of a low-level spirit pet,It’s refreshing to think about this kind of thing!
Chapter 901 Soul Transfer Dafa
They say that the green snake has teeth in the mouth,Wasp tail needle,Both are not poisonous,The most poisonous woman’s heart!Lu Menglin knows,Although Mu Feiyan is a woman,But revenge,It’s also the kind without sympathy,Use this trick against Bei Gongwang,It’s too cruel。
Actually, Lu Menglin knew it,Bei Gong looked at a mental energy blew,Soul is blown to pieces,Under normal circumstances,The possibility of recovery is low,But it doesn’t rule out that the gods have the means,Can restore it。