the next day,Ouyang Yuan goes to school as usual。
It’s just the curse from the Internet that made him sleep well all night,So in the end when I went back to school, I came back with two heavy dark circles。
“what!Who did it!Stand up for me!”Ouyang Yuan roared,It looks very abrupt in a quiet classroom。
It turned out that Ouyang Yuan returned to his classroom,Own seat,I found my seat was covered with glue。
Not only that,There are many red paints on Ouyang Yuan’s seat“nausea”“Reject school violence”“The abuser roll”“Died in place”Words like。
The classmates around do their own things,No one responded to him。
Ouyang Yuan is crazy,But can’t attack。Otherwise, the campus forum will reveal its new black material again。
He looked at the drawer,Found an anonymous letter in a black envelope in the drawer。He was very narcissistic and thought it was a comfort letter from an enthusiastic classmate,Excitedly took out the letter from the drawer,one look:
Ouyang Yuan,is it you?In that campus forum,Legendary abuser?
We are walking for the sky……
no doubt,This is a threatening letter。
Ouyang Yuan was very angry,Very annoying,But to save face,I feel very embarrassed to tell the teacher。
So I didn’t want to tell the teacher,I can’t find a real black hand by my own strength。I blamed the warmth without thinking。
But actually warm and warm don’t know anything about this,Still asleep at this moment。
Warm Nuan is not interested in these at all,I don’t want to talk to Ouyang Yuan,She has always disdain to waste time on indifferent people and things。
She knew that Ouyang Yuan couldn’t do this without Wen Yunyun’s fanfare。