Counting 7 kinds of foods that are the most blood-packing

Click to buy now people are getting more and more stress, and the diet is not regular, causing many people to have symptoms of anemia, but if the body is full of blood, then there is no spirit, it will cause diseases of many other organs,So pay attention to blood.

Here are 7 foods that recommend the most blood.

  1, spinach famous blood food, iron-rich carotene is quite rich, can be regarded as an important food in blood vegetables.

  2, hair dish hair color black hair, thicker than the thick and slippery, containing iron so it can make up blood, often eat can make black, women use hairy soup to cook, as a blood.

  3, pig liver women eat pig liver before menstruation has the role of blood, eating pig liver during menstruation is able to effectively lower the blood, so that the blood in our body is completely discharged.

  4, bamboo shoots bamboo shoots is a non-high protein, low feces, low cholesterol food, but also because of the tender meat, easy to digest, suitable for different types of people, this is definitely a good way for women to get qi and blood deficiency.

  5, pumpkin is warm and sweet, can supplement the beneficial gas, rich in carotene, after being absorbed by the body, it is converted into vitamin A, and is rich in vitamin E. It can be taken by women during menstruation.

  6, Angelica Angelica is a common Chinese herbal medicine, and a very effective blood medicine.

Angelica can be stewed with pig’s feet, and it can also be combined with some other Chinese herbal medicines, which can not only supplement the blood, but also replenish the collagen needed by the body, making the skin more full and elastic.

  7, red dates can replenish the spleen and stomach, Yiqi Shengjin, nourishing Yin and nourishing blood.

Jujube is the best ingredient for women to supplement blood and qi. Whether it is raw or soup porridge is a good choice.

Beginning one week before the onset of menstruation, eating a few red dates every day, or stewing soup to drink, can effectively fill the female body.

  The above 7 kinds of foods are the most effective for the human body, so we do not hinder eating more at ordinary times.

Of course, anemia is also divided into many types. These foods are only able to correct and supplement the treatment of mild anemia. If the anemia is very serious, then the best way is to go to the hospital for treatment.