I know it belongs to us right now‘White Road’There should be 36 sects,Among them, the eight main sects are headed。
The Taishang Taoism enshrined by your Taiyi Exorcism Gate is one of the eight sects! Underworld、The magic door has always been hidden,And like to be alone,As for others, they are hidden in the secret realm, I don’t know.。”
“It turns out that the Taishang behind our Taiyi Exorcism Gate is so good!”
Chen Xiu was proud,I remember the last time I was taken to the island by Dai Yun, a secular representative who didn’t know which minor sect.,As a result, Zhang Yuan took a call,Dai Yun let himself go,It can be seen that the status of Taishang Taoism in the secret realm is really extraordinary。
Asked again:“Gu Lao,Which school do you represent in the world,How does it compare to our being too high?
“ Chen Xiu was opposed to Tai Yi exorcism at first.,After all, I don’t want to be with the fifth ancestor、Ge Hong, these zombies are enemies,More importantly, it seems that there is only obligation to succeed Zhang Yuantu as the head.,No good。
Now I know that the Taoism is so awesome,He can be a man of exorcism。
He knows the truth about how a tree is so good in the cold,I thought even more:“Next time if you meet Wu Tingfang again,I don’t know if you can scare away the old pervert if you report the name of Taishang Orthodoxy.!”
I heard Chen Xiu ask myself the prefix,Gu Rimou swallowed for a whilelVomit:“I represent Tianjitang Li Yaozong in the world,In the agency、Formation、In refining medicine, it is famous among the 36 sects,As for……As for……It is also big in 36 caseslBig status!”
“In this way, your Tianjitang Li Yaozong and our Taishang Taoism are also the eight major sects.!”
“that……That’s not it……”Gu Rimou’s voice suddenly became much quieter。
“It turned out not to be,How much does that rank?”
“three……three……” Gu Rimou’s face suddenly feigned anger:“Now I guard you seriously injured,Not eight years、Can’t recover in ten years,Wu Tingfang and the old ghosts of the eight great families are looking for me,So in the crisis situation, does it make sense for you to ask me?,I can’t think of something meaningful in this time!”
“What meaningful thing?”
Chen Xiu was sprayed with saliva on his face,Happy in my heart:“Hehe……One is the ranking of thirty-six secret realm sects,He said three……Not one of the eight sects,It seems that this Tianjitang’s departure from Yaozong must be the last existence!”
Gu Rimou angrily said:“Of course it helped me speed up the healing process!Now Qianye Guo has been taken away by Ge Hong,Let the old monsters of the Eight Great Family find us,Can’t hand over Chiba fruit,At that time you will be the representative of the supreme orthodoxy,They are also angry,I promise to make you disappear without a trace!”