My eyelids can’t hold it anymore,Fell heavily,He fell asleep。
He had a dream,A beautiful dream。
dreaming,Wu Xiaorou put on a red wedding gown,Covered with hijab,Sitting by the bed waiting for him。
He stepped forward,Lift the hijab,Wu Xiaorou appeared in front of him with a shy and flushed face。
Holding her head gently with both hands,He bent down,Kissed her softly on the cheek。
Then woke up from the dream,nothing left,All the goodness in the dream,All become fragmented,Only her sentence left“we do not match”Reverberating in my mind for a long time。
“why,I can’t even make a dream completely!”
Shen Yan opened his eyes and looked at the mosquito that couldn’t escape on the web,Said depressed。
There is wet intention gathering in his eye sockets,At last it turned into a tear,Slipped from the corner of the eye,Along the cheek,Fell on the pillow,Wet a piece。
Wu Xiaorou’s departure,As if taking his soul away。
He got up from the bed,Opened the door and went out,In the hall,I didn’t see the food that Shen’s mother left for him,Walked straight out of the house。