“Nothing impossible,This kind of thing,It hasn’t happened。”
Since watching Hu’s live broadcast,The thing about face slappers,Not once or twice,And one of their favorite content。
“Hu Ge,You mean,This is not a simple clear three-color?The Korean made a mistake?”Hua Zi asked。
if so,That really makes people eat a few more bowls of rice!Everyone can’t bear to see the Korean go to his country to make money。
Especially just now,Bring out something,Still found in China,You have to be grateful to him,Many people feel uncomfortable seeing it。
The proprietress Fei also looked at Populus in surprise,Know that Populus euphratica has outstanding ability,But in front of so many seniors,It seems unlikely?
“Koreans can’t make a mistake?It can also be seen from this,Is that guy still half a bucket of water on ancient Chinese culture?!”Populus joked。
The audience in the live broadcast room listened,Nagara,Waiting for Brother Hu to slap the foreigner。
“Isn’t it real Tang Sancai??”Sister Fei couldn’t help but speak。
Populus nodded:“The reason why they think it is a copy of Tang Sancai,I saw the traces left by the people of the Qing Dynasty,Stamped with the mark of the Qing Dynasty。”
I saw that this camel three-colored pottery was signed by Prince Hong Zhou,Everyone subconsciously thinks,This is an object that Prince Hong Zhou asked someone to imitate。
Sister Fei nodded:“Signed by Prince Hong Zhou。”
Hong Zhou and Qianlong are brothers,He was the only prince who survived the controversy。
Hu Yang explains to everyone:“Although people often watch palace dramas,But maybe I don’t know much about Hiroshiru。In the TV series,This is a very absurd prince,Funerals often,Make some unpleasant actions。but,Would the prince survive that simple?”