In order to express the sincerity of his host, Xiao Fan,Lived in the apartment next to Gu Jin and them,Lin Yuner naturally didn’t return to Lin’s house,In the evening, Lin Yoona took Bai Chen to the mall,Two came home。
Chapter Four Hundred and Thirty Eight misunderstanding
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner didn’t return to Lin’s house tonight,So the two decided to call Liu Chunlan and Lin Feng,The two of them didn’t ask much,I’m happy to say that I don’t need to report to them。
Lin Yoona has been chatting with Bai Chen today,Neither of them cares about the remaining three,Come back from shopping at night。Two people feel better。Gu Jin and Xiao Fan looked at the consumer text messages on their phones,Smiled helplessly。
no way,Who made these two people a rich lady?,I spend money when I’m happy and don’t even look at it,Because two people have never been short of money。There will be no shortage of money in the past, now and in the future,Two people can make the store in the mall happy。
After returning,Lin Yuner and Bai Chen showed them to Xiao Fan and Gu Jin,Lin Yoona bought a lot of clothes for Xiaonian Gao,Some wait until the small rice cakes are bigger,But Yoona still bought a lot。
Also bought toys and delicious,Make the little rice cake so happy。Of course,The two ladies also bought things for Gu Jin and Xiao Fan,What suit,tie,Cuff or something,As long as the mall has,They are basically shopping。
The two most important people don’t feel tired at all,Still very excited。This is the magic of women,As long as you go shopping, you don’t feel tired,Still very excited。Two talents stopped at ten o’clock,Back to my room。
After Lin Yuna and Xiao Fan returned to their room,,Bai Chen told Gu Jin,I think Lin Yoona is a nice person,No wonder Xiao Fan likes her so much,Gu Jin smiled and said that Xiao Fan’s vision would not be bad。
In fact, between people are destined,Meet and know,all my life。Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona are like this,The same is true for Gu Jin and Bai Chen,Who will you meet in your life,What will happen may be destined。
After Lin Yuna returned to her room,,Lin Yoona is sorting out the things she bought today,Xiao Fan was watching,Very quiet in the room,Although the two did not speak,But I feel very happy。
Two people have been tired for a day,Going to have a good rest。Just lie down,Lin Yuna’s phone rang,It’s Liu Chunlan。It’s late,Lin Yoona thinks something must have happened。
I heard Liu Chunlan’s cry when I answered the phone,Lin Yoona was so scared that she couldn’t hold her phone,Xiao Fan doesn’t feel right,Pat Lin Yoona on the shoulder,Comfort her。
Lin Yoona calmed down,Ask Liu Chunlan what happened。Liu Chunlan said with a cry:“Yoona,Your father is not human,He did something nasty behind my back。”
Lin Yoona frowned,Xiao Fan had heard what was on the phone,But he is also a little confused,Lin Feng doesn’t look like this kind of person,What should be the misunderstanding。