The reason why Niuhuang is also known as ugly treasure

During the Warring States period, the famous doctor Bianyan practiced medicine in the Bohai Sea area (now Renqiu, Hebei).

One day, he was taking out the processed sapphire from the canister and preparing to treat the stroke as a neighbor named Yang Wen.

At this time, there was a loud noise outside the door, and Bian asked him what it was. It turned out to be a oxen that was raised in the Yangwen family for a few decades. Somehow, I’ve been thinning recently, so I can’t farm, so Yang Wen’s son Yang BaoThe man slaughtered the cow.

Who knows, Yang Bao found that there is a stone in the bovine gallbladder, this is quite concerned about the flat scorpion, the prescription Yangbao left the stone, and the armor was further studied.

Yang Bao smiled: “Do you want to use it as a medicine?”

The disease of the yellow cattle is caused by stones. This stone is also the root of the disease. How can it cure?

“Bian 鹊 can not answer for a moment, put the stones and the barley stone on the table together.

  At this moment, Yang Wen’s illness was attacked again. Bianque arrived, and only Yang Wen’s eyes turned up, his throat was screaming, his limbs were cold and anxious, and he was very critical.

He pinned his needle while he was smashing Yang Bao: “Fast!

Go to my desk and bring the diamond box!

Yang Bao panted and took the medicine. The scorpion was not scrutinized. He quickly researched it into a fine, and took 5 points to give it to Yang Wen. After a while, the patient stopped smoking, and the breath was steady and conscious.

The lentils returned to their houses and found that the ochre was still on the table, and the ox stones were gone. They asked the family: “Who did you move the ox stones?

“The answer is: “Yang Bao just came over to take the medicine, saying that you told me!”

“This accidental mistake has brought deep thought to Bian: “Does the stone of the cow also have the effect of stunned?

“Yes, the next day he consciously changed the sapphire in the Chinese medicine of Yang Wen to the use of bovine stones.”

Three days later, Yang Tian’s disease miraculously improved, not only stopped smoking, but also the hemiplegic body can move a few times, like Yang Wenlian called Xie.

Bian said: “Don’t thank me, thank you for your son.

“Then he said that Yang Bao wrong took the bovine stone to replace the meteorite, and said: “This stone has been immersed in bile for a long time, bitterness into the heart, can clear the heart, and the effect of eliminating the wind from the liver.

Yang Wen asked: “What is the name of this medicine?”

“Bian 鹊 thought for a moment: “This stone is born to a cow, condensed in the liver and gallbladder to wear yellow, can be called ‘beef yellow’.”

Then went on to say: “The bezoar has this effect, it can be called a treasure, the cow is ugly, and then give it a name, called ‘ ugly treasure’.

“So, when you get some medicine “ugly treasure” from the old doctor, you know that it is “beat.”