How to pack leftovers to stay nutritious

Busy modern people eat out most of the time, and leftovers always appear.

Many people have this question: how to deal with these leftovers?

Are all leftovers suitable for packaging?

  Knowledge of leftovers packed: 1.
The packaged food needs to be cool before being added to the refrigerator. This is because hot food suddenly enters the low temperature environment, and the food center is prone to qualitative changes, and the hot air brought in by the food will cause condensation of water vapor, which promotes the growth of mold, which will cause the entire refrigeratorMoldy food.

  2.Packaged food must be returned to the pan. Food stored in the refrigerator must be returned to the pan after removal.

This is because the temperature of the refrigerator can only inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and cannot completely kill them.

If you do not heat it before eating, it can cause problems such as mild disease or diarrhea.

  3.The leftovers should not be kept for too long. The leftovers should not be left between meals. The leftovers in the morning should be eaten at noon, and the leftovers at noon should be eaten in 5-6 hours.

Because under normal circumstances, heating at 100 degrees Celsius can kill some bacterial viruses and parasites within minutes.

However, if the food is stored for too long, the bacteria in the food release chemical toxins, and there is no way to heat these toxins.

  It is important to handle leftovers well.

Of course, it is best to leave the rice in the pot without people.

If it is left, loosen it and place it in a ventilated, cool and clean place to avoid contamination . 4.
Vegetarian dishes should not be packaged because in the process of making vegetarian dishes, generally less salt is used. When cooked vegetarian dishes are kept at a higher temperature for a long time, bacteria in the dishes will multiply, and nitrate is affected by bacteria.Will be reduced to nitrite.

Nitrite is easily synthesized with amines in nature. Nitrosamines are strong carcinogens.

If we consume leftover vegetables for a long time, it is not good for our health, and foods such as pickled pickles for a long time have a higher risk of stomach cancer.

  After the leftover vegetables are continuously salted, when the surface is repeatedly heated, the salt on the surface will turn into nitrite, which is most likely to cause people to be poisoned . Problems that need attention when heating leftoversThe bacteria in good fish-processed dishes multiply easily. The E. coli above can multiply every 8 minutes at a temperature of around 20, and one bacteria will become 100 million within five or six hours.

Such a quantity three times makes your stomach uncomfortable.

Therefore, the packaged fish must be heated for four or five minutes.

However, oversaturated heating, the full-value protein, fish fat, and rich vitamins in the fish, which are beneficial to the human nervous system, will lose their nutritional value.

  ● Meat: Please add some vinegar when heating. Pack the meat and animal food and reheat it. It is best to add some vinegar.

Because these foods are rich in minerals, these minerals will permeate and overflow when heated.

Then, when you add some vinegar during heating, these substances will be synthesized into calcium acetate when it encounters acetic acid, which even improves its nutrition, and it is also beneficial to our body’s absorption and utilization.

  ● Seafood: When heating, you should add some shellfish. It is best to add some wine, onions, ginger and other ingredients when heating seafood. This can not only improve the freshness, but also have a certain sterilization effect, which can kill the lurkAmong them, Vibrio parahaemolyticus can prevent gastrointestinal discomfort, especially ginger. It has bactericidal and detoxifying effects (especially fish, shrimp and crab poisoning) in Chinese medicine.

  ● Starch: Please eat some foods that are packaged and supplemented with starch within 4 hours. It is best to eat them within 4 hours because they are easily parasitic by Staphylococcus.

Toxins of this kind of bacteria will not be decomposed under high temperature heating, which cannot solve the problem of deterioration.

Therefore, if you have n’t finished eating in a short time, do n’t even eat it even if it does n’t look bad in appearance.