Wan Lijun introduced the development of the ancestors (born) countries from a few aspects of fighting epidemic, economic development, and people’s livelihood improvement, and informing the main task of China’s Overseas Chinese Federation last year. He said that since last year, China’s Overseas Chinese Federation is planned to promote epidemic prevention and control and overseas Chinese work, innovation work mode, online high-alumnism, distinguish, unity and never, national overseas Chinese contribute to the overseas China’s struggle. One is to highlight the warmth of the overseas Chinese, and the common anti-vulcanization is true. Mobilizing the power of the overseas industry to participate in the domestic immunity, guiding the overseas Chinese volunteers to help overseas Chinese epidemic prevention.

Actively cooperate with the Implementation of "Springmake Action", jointly organize "concentric anti-hypophobia" expert remote epidemic accepted video sessions of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration and Foreign Workpapers. The second is to promote the poverty alleviation of the overseas Chinese, help to take off the poverty. Do not relax the designated poverty alleviation work, extensively carry out poverty alleviation, deepen the "overseas Chinese love project", help the difficulties of the people, and care for the attention of the overseas Chinese. The third is the method of innovation work, and create a new situation in the business.

Highlight the online landlord, the clouds, the Chinese, enthusiastic to help Chinese, in-depth "Entrepreneurship China" "Family China" "Overseas Chinese" "Dream China" and other brand activities, effectively safeguarding overseas Chinese rights, use "two mechanisms", Strengthen the construction of grassroots overseas Chinese joints. Wan Lijun hopes that the overseas Chinese will give full play to the unique advantage, gather together the sharing of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

First, continue to do a good anti-videcetic to ensure itself. Firmly stretch the epidemic prevention and control This string does not relax, obey the epidemic prevention and control measures to live in the country, combined with its own situation, integrate into the national anti-disease work, actively cooperate with "spring seedlings".

The second is to build a harmonious overseas Chinese, serving overseas Chinese.

Inheriting and promoting Chinese traditional virtues, use talents, intellectual, confidence and feelings, and united the overseas Chinese community united, and the road is stable and demonstrated, showing good image of the national national immigrants.

The third is to tell Chinese stories and create a good environment.

Let the people around the world know more about China’s pursuit of common development, cooperation and win-win, enhance the value of life, the value of the people, and consolidate the foundation of the Chinese and foreign friendly. The fourth is to participate in China’s development and share dreams. By participating in the online entrance to the fair, the Canton Fair, the Service Trade Union, etc., and participate in the construction of new development patterns, promoting high-quality development, jointly opening a new process of building a comprehensive construction of socialist modernization. The fifth is to make a good civilization messenger and promote the construction of human fate communies.

Continuing to actively help "all the way" construction in-depth, cultivate the awareness of the Chinese national fate community, continue to add bricks to the construction of human fate.