People’s Network Chengdu, April 10 (Wang Jun) Today, the reporter learned from Chengdu High-tech Zone that "Chengdu High-tech Zone deepened" venting service "reform optimization business environment work program (2020-2021)" (hereinafter referred to as " Action Plan ") released, one of the reform initiatives of Chengdu High-tech first. In order to further help companies to relieve problems, "Action Plan" proposes: Improve the joint judgment mechanism, explore the establishment of business environment appraisal rooms, smooth suggestions, consult, complaint channels, innovation of government interaction mechanisms. "For a long time, the cross-section cross-domain problem reflected by the company has not been in time and effectively, so that the company has a great discount. At the same time, some cross-sectoral reform initiatives involving the optimized business environment have also existed the ‘otter’." Chengdu. "Chengdu Introduction to the staff of the High-tech Zone Network Government, explore the establishment of optimized business environmental appraisal mechanisms, to open the system barrier, build a local communication dialogue platform, escort high-quality development with better business environment. From now on "Action Plan", Chengdu High-tech Zone Business Environment Reform is getting bigger and bigger, the more the steps of the steps, and the series of innovation initiatives represented by the optimized business environment, are outlined. High-tech reform path of local practice.

Painting Treatment of "tutacked" cross-sectoral conventioners to solve the vitality of the enterprise problem system is to implement it. In the "Action Plan" issued in Chengdu High-tech Zone, the construction of optimized business environmental judging mechanisms as breakthroughs, exploring the institutional mechanism for resolving, bail-up enterprises, optimizing the business environment, and became a highlight of reform and innovation .

According to the requirements of the "Action Plan", in the exploration of the establishment of the optimization business environmental appraisal mechanism, Chengdu High-tech Zone should set up the business environmental appraisal room, and coordinate the complex suspects of the market main body in the form of a department meeting.

On the one hand, focusing on business concerns, timely coordinating the resolution of market subject demands; on the other hand, adhere to the "blade toward", active innovation mechanism and service work mechanisms.

This high-tech reform initiative has been initially effective in the pre-practice process. Previously, due to the loss of the proven documents due to historical legacy issues, a company was hindered in the Chengdu High-tech Zone. After understanding the situation, the Chengdu High-tech Zone immediately organized planning, construction, social undertakings, etc., jointly held the session of the conference, so that the person in charge of the departments and the enterprise face-to-face communication and regular solutions.

In the end, under the judgment mechanism of cross-sectoral conference, the company’s appeal was resolved in time. For example, in the process of handling the construction license, involving more departments, professionalism, standard approval cycle, leading to the systematic mechanism problem. To this end, the Chengdu High-tech Zone is jointly economical, ecological ring city and municipal public service enterprises, the establishment of the indicators to improve work, jointly review, and complicate the general social investment project to 60 working days. Small low-risk projects are compressed to 25 working days, further shortening the approval time limit for the construction of building construction permits in Chengdu High-tech Zone.

"The reason, these problems are caused by lack of coherence and integration between various functions." Analysis of relevant person in charge of the network of the network of high-tech Zone, Chengdu, "" In the "Increase Service" reform, there will be different departments Or the establishment of the ‘vacuum’ of the policy. The establishment of ‘Detecting Room’ is conducive to breaking this institutional barrier, creating business environment-oriented business environment with market entities and social public satisfaction. "" Full process guarantee policy Implementing the effectiveness of enhanced enterprises to get the reform goals and paths have been fixed, how to ensure the efficient and preciseness of the policy landing? First, Chengdu High-tech Zone clarifies the workflow of the judgment mechanism.

From the research solution to the discipline, the joint appraisal meeting is issued, and the discovery of the review is issued, and then the leading group will confirm the administrative effectiveness, follow-up supervision is implemented … Each link has a clear goal and task division. In order to more effectively solve the "difficult disease", compaction responsibility division, Chengdu High-tech Zone has also established high-level judging schedule mechanisms.

Under this mechanism, the general problem reflected by the enterprise was chaired by the Office of the Chengdu High-tech Community Business Environment Leading Group, and the major suspected diseases were submitted to the leaders of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Management Committee. For professional issues, we can also invite professional recommendations such as lawyers, thinkuk experts.

The reporter learned that in order to improve the implementation of the policy, the reporting mechanism requirement, within 2 working days after the end of the joint appraisal meeting, it shall issue the review of the review and write the results of the review and the reason for the review.

At the same time, strengthen the target supervision of the identification of the review of the review, to ensure that "everything has echo, and the parts are falling". It is understood that Chengdu High-tech Zone optimized business environmental appraisal mechanism has been coordinated to solve 28 "difficult diseases", involving enterprises to open "access to not allowed camp", and the preferential policy declaration of discretion is difficult, corporate financing is difficult, environmental law enforcement " ", Corporate credit repair, etc., business satisfaction rate is 100%, and the reform results are highly recognized. "On this basis, we will also raise a different issue with specific issues and cases. From a single case, we will form a class of problems, thereby forming an institutionalization solution, promoting a new round of business environmental reform, deep water, seek effect, Effectively enhance the company’s sense. "The relevant person in charge of the Chengdu High-tech Zone Network Government Office. (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).