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  Today is March 31, 2018, we look at the people’s daily news in history.

  On March 31, 1992, the "People’s Daily" headed head stripped four editions, reprinted long-standing communication "The Eastern Configuous Comrade in Shenzhen Documentary", reported that Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s inspections in Shenzhen inspections, A strong reverberation at home and abroad. Comrade Deng Xiaoping In 1992, the south is a major event in Shenzhen, China and even the world. Chen Xidian, who was "Shenzhen Special Zone News", was fortunate to be a witness and recorder of this incident.

From January 19 to 23, 1992, he followed Deng Xiaoping’s activities in Shenzhen 5 days, and published "Shenzhen Special Zone" in "Shenzhen Special Zone" on March 26, May 26th, China, and timely Spread the voice of Deng Xiaoping’s vibration. The article is successively reprinted by many media, especially the "People’s Daily", and inspiring the people of the whole country to persist in reform and opening up the determination and confidence.

"The East is full of spring", from the poetry "March" of Li He, Tang Dynasty poet, and the spring is coming, all things are new.

Deng Xiaoping’s southern conversation is the correct direction of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, bringing a spring of another ideological liberation. The reason why "Dongfang is full of eyes" is very concerned. In the words of Chen Xid, there are two reasons: one is that it involves major themes, which records a great person’s activities; more importantly, through the expression of this article The conversation of comrades, broke the spiritual shackles of the "name of the owner", and promoted another ideological discipline, which is of great significance to China’s reform and opening up and modernization.