Li Hui Feng originally wants to say quality。
But now I have said to Han Shanshan.。
He also can’t help but。
“Why don’t you do it??
Can the quality decide everything??”
“hehe,Who are you listening??
If you have the quality, it is good to have people who can let people know.?”
“Your price is high.,People don’t even eat people.,Who knows that your quality is good??”
“There is still one,Low price,Have more,Then we modulate the taste is also good,People have more reputation to go up.,Do one of two customers want to transfer reputation,I feel that it is still impossible.。”
Han Shanshan’s explanation,Li Hui also understands。
“Row,I am going to say these,But our acquisition of vegetables don’t need those boutiques.?
After all, the boutique vegetables are the price of their wholesale.。”
“Um,This is not required,Only need large,If the vegetable greenhouse of these villages cannot be available,Maybe you have to purchase from other places.。”
“At that time shipping fee,fare,time,Various costs have been added,So I suggest that you still have to discuss it with the town of the town.,Can increase vegetable planting,Unhappy wholesale,Our vegetable factory is still a vegetable of the two villages that can eat the next village.。”
“Even if you don’t even,We also can make a lot of production lines to increase production.!”
Chapter 1,340 management issues
“Row,Then listen to the big squad leader,I will solve this moment.。”
Li Hui also found,Han Shanshan does what to do things seem to do。
The original vegetable factory means that it is enough to use the vegetable greenhouse of the village.。
The result was manned by Han Shanshan.,Significant changes in a short month。
Han Shanshan is also very satisfied with Li Hui’s attitude.。
“There is still a solve it.,You have to go to the vegetable factory to sit in the town,I am going to lead a few people to open the market.。”
“Forehead,Don’t use me with you,After all, you a girl.,In case of something difficult,I can also help solve。”
Li Hui’s words let Han Shanshan are also warm in the heart.。
But she did not agree。
Because she has found some of the practices of Liu Dafu in the vegetable factory, some are not honest.。
She left at this time,Also think about letting Li Hui Feng to handle Liu Dafu。
After all, Liu Dafu’s existence is like a locust.,Will only destroy the roots,Into the development of the vegetable factory。
But these things have not been raised by Li Hui’s face.,After all, some things come out, it is not good.,At the same time, she also has confidence in Li Hui Feng.,I believe that Li Hui Feng can handle this little thing.。
“forget it,I can take this thing.,Take you take the vegetable factory,Do you want to face four,Vegetable factories have many new employees,And are all young,You have to hold it。”