“Hey,Don’t chew the tongue root,Be careful of Buddha, I am……”
Be talking about,Chang Chongzi suddenly looked up,Full body trembling,Soft fell on the ground。
“Cow nose,What happened to you?,Don’t scare me.!I don’t do anything.!”Zhengxin hurriedly put it up。
“It’s him,It’s him,it’s him……”
A blood spilled from the corner of the mouth,Chang Chongzi flutters over the eyes。
“who is it?”
“You said that it is dizzy.!!”
Chapter 459 Woman hate men with no weakness
“Big brother!”
“Big brother!!”
street,Neon light,Liao Wenjie saw the sky at the entrance of the agreed nightclub,It’s a long-lost bear hug.。
Two people shoot each other,Everything is laughing。
Conventions meet at the door of the nightclub,Not to organize nighttime activities in the mountains to play the water,But the sky is not crossed in Hong Kong Island.,Do not find other places。
“Big brother,I haven’t seen it for a long time.,You are rich。”
“I have a good time to sleep well.,Natural president,Down to you……”
The sky is blinking,Slightly not cool:“Is it a mistake?,How are you handsome??”
“It’s a big brother,It’s still so poisonous。”
Liao Wenjie smiled and grabbed the sky shoulder,Sway:“I have not seen a period of time,Big brother culture levels are growing,this‘again’Word point,Deepening the subject,Combine the context of the whole sentence,Play to strengthen the role of tone。”
“Um,The old man who has given me the class also calls me such a problem.。”
Liao Wenjie has turned over,He just said.,I didn’t expect to guess.,Pull in the sky to enter the block hot pot shop,Prepare to eat while eating。
Chang Chongzi pears the battle of the Gougong,Want to see the identity of mysterious people,Planted in the same pit,I vomiting myself on the spot。
Everyone is hurried to treat,Positive and most selling,After a while,I often wake up,Direct call。
Probabinence world only one land god,He continued to peak twice,Injury,Deep sense to eat。
Meikai two degrees,Come once again, you can stage a hat trick.,For thousands of years, there have been a feat that never completed,Changzi laughs,Is the first person in history,Single from this perspective,Perhaps it is a good luck。
An important intelligence of Chang Xizi,Everyone is a sense of heart.,Terrestrial fairy,How unfamiliar and unreasonable realm。
Also white clouds in Qingtian,I hope that I can not。