impossible,If one of the parties does something,The dignified general may fall into the deep sea。
Although not necessarily dead,But it’s also very troublesome,If it really is the abyss,Then the general might also die。
After all, the lower the sea pressure, the more terrifying,Besides, breathing is also a problem。
The strong can control breathing,You can even breathe with sea water,But this is only a short time。
Leo’s operating space can retain a lot of air,When they were young, they relied on the operating space to bring air into the sea,Only then can I practice stably。
Even the green bull can’t keep breathing。
“and so,Only the fruits of my surgery can adapt to the seabed practice!”
Simultaneously,Leo looked at the green bull who was constantly consuming his energy,Green Bull also helped him a lot,If there is no green bull,He can’t practice,Because of exhaustion, you will fall into the sea,Then crushed to death by the sea。
He helped Green Bull,Why don’t Green Bull help him again??
Every time they practice, they actually give their lives to each other,So they trust each other very much。
true,Deadly friendship。
Waited all day,Only then did Green Bull’s physical strength run out!
Leo is very relaxed because he didn’t practice,Began to continue upstream,Just now,Leo has fed the super large life essence mixed with the special large life essence given by the Tianlong people to Green Bull。
Breakthrough with luck,It may take twice to break through with bad luck!
Watching the green bull’s body begin to ooze blood,Leo is flying up。