“Compatriots,The brave warriors of the sword city,Take a good look,Look at everything in front of you,Look at the ruins of the sword city!”
Xia Chenglong stood in front of all the soldiers,The scene of the sword-forging city behind it is like a knife, stabbing every soldier’s heart fiercely!This is the place they desperately guarded,Their home,now,Has become like this!
How can such a sight not make them feel chill,Don’t feel sad,Don’t feel angry?
The soldiers of the entire sword city can’t wait to eat the flesh of those turtle grandsons in the city!In the past, the power of the sword city was indeed not as good as the tool city,But what about?The head of the lord of your tool city has been used to sacrifice the flag,What qualifications do you have to be arrogant?!
“I can understand your anger,I can feel,To forge the sword city,It is bound to attack the device city,For the heroic souls who died in the sword city for me, worship in the spirit of heaven!”
“Point will!”
“Zhu Wushuang!”
Xia Chenglong is wearing a purple shirt,Inside is the armor of a nine-headed beast,Something like this,It is a battle armor built by the old city lord during his lifetime,It is also a symbol of the city lord,Only the city lord can be qualified to wear this armor to kill the enemy!
The purple tabard symbolizes nobility,The nine-headed fierce beast is the concrete product of the underground fire dragon veins of the entire sword city,Fire dragon veins are linked together by nine different dragon veins,Show an extraordinary image,It is also a symbol of the entire sword city。
Xia Chenglong at this time is like a real dragon,The power is so powerful all over,Even a true god,That’s all right!
strong force,Unparalleled momentum,Xia Chenglong at this time is in the eyes of everyone,Definitely not much higher than the status of the old city lord!