I glanced at the bodyguard who was in the car outside,They can bring me a sense of security!
The things you want are on the table。
I ate two bites,Smell is like that。
What foreigners say delicious,In the mouths of Chinese people, it may taste the same as chewing wax!
After all, compared with thousands of years of dining culture,Any catering culture will seem trivial,Too shallow。
“Annie,How is your project?”
Paul asked suddenly。
Annie is Chen Ning’s English name。
“Results are coming soon。”
Chapter Eighty One Paul’s provocation
Chen Ning asked casually:“Your website is very popular now,I guess it’s about to go public?”
“Chinese New Year should be able to be listed,Not yet。”
Paul looked at me curiously:“I just saw it on the Internet in China,Ge is always a very successful entrepreneur,Why do you say that you are an ordinary person?,Is the standard of ordinary people so high now??”
I am not surprised that he knows this。
“I’m just an ordinary person,A little fame。Luck is greater than strength,Not worth mentioning!”