Men’s kidneys to eat what recommended six blood and kidney recipes

Men are in the stress center for a long time, it is easy to cause kidney deficiency and anemia. Therefore, men must pay attention to qi and kidney, and eat some foods that nourish kidney yin and nourish blood.

The following China Health Network recommends several blood and kidney soups for everyone, hoping to help you.

First, double red pumpkin soup ingredients: 500 grams of pumpkin, 10 grams of red dates, the amount of brown sugar, 2000 ml of water.

Practice: Cut the pumpkin into the skin, wash it, and cut the knife.

Wash the red dates and go nuclear.

Add red dates, pumpkins, and brown sugar to the clams, add water and simmer until the pumpkin is cooked.

Efficacy: Pumpkin is warm and sweet, can supplement the vital energy, rich in carotene, converted into vitamin A after absorption by the human body, and rich in vitamin E, can benefit Qi and blood.

Red dates can replenish the spleen and stomach, benefit Qi and fluid, nourish Yin and nourish blood.

Brown sugar contains trace elements and a variety of minerals, which have the effect of warming the stomach, enriching blood, promoting blood circulation and dispelling cold.

Regular consumption can make your face rosy and increase skin elasticity.

Second, the ingredients of Angelica squid soup: squid (1), Angelica (1), medlar (2 tablespoons), Astragalus (10 tablets), ginger (5 tablets).

Practice: Wash the squid and dry the water, cut a knife at the back of the fish, and evenly spread 1 tablespoon of salt on the fish and marinate for 15 minutes.

Angelica is washed and cut into pieces, ginger is cut into silk, and sputum and scutellaria are washed and drained.

Bring Angelica, Astragalus, Poria, 1 tablespoon cooking wine and 4 bowls of water to boil, and cook for 25 minutes.

Stir the fish into the alkaline ginger, add the squid to the corrugated, pour the simmered angelica soup, and boil over low heat for 35 minutes.

Season with 1/4 tbsp of salt to serve.

Efficacy: Angelica squid soup is a large supplement soup, suitable for dysmenorrhea, physical deficiency of girls pile up, the average person only use squid soup, you can achieve the benefits.

The squid boiled soup has the functions of strengthening the spleen and dampness, and appetizing in the stomach, promoting blood circulation and collaterals and warming the air. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, and those who are weak after illness and maternal consumption.

Third, Peanut Duzhong oxtail soup ingredients: 60 grams of peanuts, 20 grams of Eucommia, 1 oxtail, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: Wash and soak the peanuts; sprinkle with light flour in the eucommia, simmer and simmer slowly; when the oxtail is bought, please sell it on behalf of the seller, wash it, boil it in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash.

Put ginger in the corrugated together, add 3,000 ml of water (about 12 bowls of water), change the simmer for about 3 hours after the fire is boiled, and transfer the appropriate amount of salt and oil.

Does this amount attract 3?
For 4 people.

Efficacy: blood, kidney, strong bones.

Fourth, Huanghuai Huaishan River Shrimp Soup Ingredients: Astragalus, 30 grams each of Huaishan, Angelica, 15 grams each, 4 grams of Campanulaceae (the above Chinese medicine shop can be sold), 120 grams of river shrimp.

Practice: Wash each drug, soak it slightly; wash the river shrimp, cut the shrimp head, and remove the shell.

Put the Chinese medicine together in the casserole, add 1500 ml of water (about 6 bowls of water), and after the fire is boiled, change to simmer for about 40 minutes. The soup is about 750 ml (about 3 bowls of water), and the soup isPut it in the pot, do not use dregs, add shrimp and fry about 10?
15 minutes, with the degree of cooked, add the right amount of salt.

Drink soup and eat shrimp, this amount is 2?
3 people use.

Efficacy: blood, kidney, beauty.

Five, jujube Huaishan cattle soup ingredients: 30 grams of Huaishan, jujube 8, codonopsis, round meat each 20 grams, 10 grams of Beibei (available in Chinese medicine stores), cattle[monthly exhibition]400 grams, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: Wash all the herbs, slightly soak; the cows will be washed, the whole piece will not be cut by knife, put into boiling water for a while, take out and wash, that is, pass “flying water” and “cold river”.

Put ginger in the corrugated together, add 3,000 ml of water (about 12 bowls of water), and change to a simmer for 3 hours after the fire is boiled. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt and oil.

Niu Yuezhan can pick up strips and mix with soy sauce.

Efficacy: Yang Yang, blood, refreshing.

Six, Yunxiao Huangjingsheng soup raw materials: Yunxiao, Huangjing 20 grams each, red dates 8, fresh oysters 300 grams, 350 grams of chicken, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: Wash all the herbs, slightly soak, red dates to nuclear, soaked in raw oysters, washed; fresh chicken washed.
Then oysters and chicken are placed in boiling water (ie “flying water”), and the herbs are packed in soup bags.

Put ginger in the corrugated together, add 2,500 ml of water (about 10 bowls of water), and simmer the simmer for 2 hours. Transfer the appropriate amount of salt and replace the oil.

The medicine is discarded, can this amount be 3?
For 4 people.
Efficacy: nourishing blood, nourishing the heart and spleen, kidney.