"This is my home town cormorant birds Yuhang District, today I will lead you into the New Fourth Army clothing factory site, feel military and civilian close as fish that war-torn era ……" Yuhang Zhang Yuqi second high school is 2021, "said the Hangzhou Youth" contestants the youngest one, this year only 16 years old! Although small he was young, to talk about the story of the red, vivid, emotionally rich, self-assured, as if to bring everyone back to the war years, from time to time to win the audience bursts of applause. "I hope through my explanation, let more people understand that sacrifice is not the end of the story of the hero, but make yourself more appreciative and grateful starting point, this is what I seek meaning.

"Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial Hangzhou Zhu Dandan guide for visitors tell the story of 12 years of revolutionary martyrs.

Race scene, her work on the stage scene, with sincere words to make the audience feel a red spiritual tradition of the task, it is visibly moved.

Hangzhou High School young teachers Qiantang school uniform translation of Hu Hang take you into the high, feel the power of the first year, "a teacher bashing", the Chen Wang Tao, Yu Xiusong et al indelible. "History centuries, the golden age, heritage ideals and beliefs. Our youth Hang expert, at this particular moment, will uphold the traditional school history, inherited red gene, continue to write history chapter Hangzhou education." She said affectionately.

Zhejiang University freshman Miao commendable to "understand about heritage" in the title describes well-known expert, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University alumni Lin Junde story of Chinese nuclear test explosion mechanics and engineering. Miao is commendable that a strong national defense is the basis for national revival, alumni stories very moving, as contemporary youth, to learn, to take over the baton and make due contributions to the revitalization of the country, prosperous nation. Xubin Xin from the Xin’an River hydroelectric power plant operation and maintenance is a line of young people.

Game site, she led us to understand my country’s first self-designed, self-made equipment, the construction of large hydroelectric power stations on their own – Xin’anjiang Hydropower Station.

Xubin Xin said that this self-reliance, hard-working spirit from generation to generation "new power" and handed down, young people are more new power to succession and development, writing a hydroelectric power station builders struggle story.

"My dad was 60 years old this year, I do not want him to knock cow dung in line.

So energized, and I want to be a cattle farm to enhance the transformation. "24-year-old Lin" cowboy "Chen Liu back to six years ago, Town Lin’an Qingliang Feng Hu village business, run from the farm, breeding technology research science replicable, new hybrid cattle, cow dung to develop products.

She said, let folks do not have to leave their homes, at home can become rich, I believe that the new China agriculture farmers will get better and better. April 18 afternoon, "youth power" by the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Communist Youth League Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Hangzhou Culture Radio Television Group, Zhejiang Sina Media Co., Ltd., Union Bank of Hangzhou, the number of China Group, jointly organized propaganda teams 2021 Hangzhou "Hangzhou Youth He said "final fiery.

Event, 30 "Hangzhou Youth says," finalists site lectures, one climax after another, constantly exciting, the audience followed the young preachers who preach feel like being in the scene, a section of a red TV drama feel the history, the history of urban development and change youth struggle history. Many viewers said, a great harvest, benefit. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding, "just a century elegance and formal musical" 2021, "said the Hangzhou Youth" contest attracted a total of 558 young people entered the competition, microblogging topic # # Hangzhou young man boarded the microblogging Trending.

Talk about the Party, said the city something to talk about themes of struggle, after the audition, preliminaries, semi-finals, boot camp training, finals, were selected out of 100 "youth power" Hangzhou propaganda teams –2021 "said the Hangzhou Youth" members, 30 "gold preachers."

The event, also held a "youth power" Hangzhou propaganda teams "love to know the history of the party known Shi Aiguo" itinerant preachers ceremony.

Three "youth power" Hangzhou Promotion Team members have been demonstrated to preach: Xin Hao from Zhejiang Green Technology Culture Association in conjunction with public after years of environmental services, shared the "Guanghui is the gold and silver mines" concept inherent in the dialectical thinking; Miaole Ying from the State Grid power company of Hangzhou Jiang introduced into the village under the United Nations "single-electron carbon", showing a green enabling respondents; from Fuyang District Chang Changan Kai Fang shared their rural grass-roots work in on the "rural revitalization of" innovative thinking learning comprehend. "Youth power" old and new members on behalf of Hangzhou propaganda teams came to power, raise his flag off. Next, one hundred preachers will preach group into the organs, into the rural areas, communities, schools, businesses, carry out the "love to know the history of the party known Shi Aiguo" itinerant preachers activities, speak good one hundred party history lesson. Young preachers say, would walk into the depths of history, the people went into the heart, into thinking Heights, into the struggling line, depth, highly emotional temperature of the times, ideas, sing the main theme of the times, carry forward the positive energy society let the red gene, revolution Passing from generation to generation, in an important window, the number of Chilean construction of Hangzhou in the show youthful style, for building a modern socialist country and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream contribution to the power of youth! (Editor: Li Nanhua, beginning Zi Rui) share to allow more people to see.