After a 3: 2 danger, the national football team and the Vietnamese team exceeded an armor’s handcuffs to the ten-war ten-day, even if this is half a catty, the process is three fold, and the victory is continuing, the score is very affordable.

The national team is also admitted after the competition, "luck" stood in China.

However, in addition to the ten consecutive victories of force support, there is a embarrassing "Nine Wars in the Universal" between China and Football – from 2009, from the National Olympics, the U-Bian State British male football team The Vietnamese team handed 9 times, the results were 2 square 7 losses.

On the 7th, Zhang Linyi, Wu Wei, Zhang Yun, Wei Shihao, etc., Have had a memories of the Vietnamese team in the youth era.

In recent years, the country is in the past, while the Vietnamese football has shown a completely different appearance: the teenager team continuously into the U16-year-old sub-finals, 2016 is more in the knockout; from 2006 U19 Asia At the beginning of the Youth, the 7th competition Vietnam Youth team broke into the final circle, and went to Top 4 in 2016. In 2018, the U23 Asian Championship, the Vietnamese team broke into the final, and finally fell to Uzbekistan.