Is it because she is humble??
Lan Xin didn’t expect this result.:“Miss Li,I am sorry.,We will definitely check this matter.,Miss Li,But my husband has just proposed,Can http://www.tal-intal.cnyou think about it??
Recently we acquired a company,Preparing for a piece of wedding dress and dress alone。”
Li Weiyun can feel the sincerity of their husband and wife,But she is still unbelievable,This kind of good event falls on her body.,She doesn’t have to struggle,Sit on the design director directly。
She feels ethereal and not true。
“Blue Director,Do you really think that my work can serve as the design director??”
She is very nervous,It is also very afraid is a bureau.。
Mrs. Li often designs her.,Let her continue,She is really afraid of the ugly people.。
Blue Xin looked at the hand of the hand,Laugh:“Miss Li,This is your chip,Do you have confidence in yourself??”
Li Weiyun shakes his head,Looking at the sincere gaze,Heartbreaking:“I am not having confidence in myself.,But there is no confidence in people’s hearts.。”
NS1442chapter:Express sent a durian
People’s heart,Daughter as a small three,She ate too much bitterness,Dad in order to maintain family harmony,For Mrs. Li’s bullying,Design framed,Always the attitude of the wall。
She understands Dad while,I hate her。
Can’t give her a complete home,Why let her come to this world?。
She is full of her family,But ask。
Blue Xin learned her life before.,Her mother is a small three,Divided five years ago,Her father is not bad about her.,But Mrs. Li taught her to her.,Let her have too much bitterness and preparation。
“Miss Li,Believe me once。”
She doesn’t have much,Just look at her seriously。
Her stroke is not only her talents.,And her inner rich color。
She is definitely a good designer。
Li Weiyun saw sincere invitations from her clear scorpion。
She touched a variety of people in these years,Many people are looking at her with colored glasses.。
Under the sincere gaze in Blue Xin,Li Weiyun nodded。
Give yourself a chance,Maybe there is a different life。
Just always,No one is willing to give her this opportunity,Blue Xin is willing,Her sincere peace and tone,Let her feel that I have given my respect and face up.。
Blue Xin smile,Handed a business card to her:“Thank you, Miss Li’s trust in me.,this is my name card,You organize these descriptions,Take these designs in the morning to find me on the 25th floor of Lu Group Corporation tomorrow morning.。”
“thank you all,I will work hard。”
Li Weiyun smiled,Although I don’t completely put my heart,But her smile is more worse than before.
Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin chatted with her for a while,Hard to let Li WeiyunnfGift,Couple two talents left Li Weiyun home。
Go on a car,Lu Haocheng looked at the time,Has arrived at get off work.,“Blue,Let’s go to get off work directly.。”
“Um!Durian should also be。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”How can she be gone?。
“Wife,I’m wrong。”
Lu Hao immediately bowed his head。
Blue Xin looked at him smiles,“Wrong?”
Lu Hao Cheng:He also wants to know where it is wrong.。
That sentence is obviously the right to say,has nothing to do with him。
A man is very wronged in a man。
“I shouldn’t say that.。”