But Qin Hao didn’t have any dissatisfaction on the surface,But a smile。
“You little slipper,Thought i didn’t know what you were thinking?”
“Don’t you think I’m taking advantage of you??”
“But what I want to tell you is,I didn’t take advantage of you,And this is still my gift to you。”
The old chief nodded and said,This makes Qin Hao confused。
Qin Hao didn’t figure it out,The old chief’s implication。
“Don’t think about it,I have promised you something,You leave。”
The old chief issued an eviction order,Qin Hao left with a laugh。
Qin Hao’s heart was dark,I think this thing went so well,His belly drafts are completely useless。
“I wasted another time to show off my talent,”Qin Hao muttered to himself。
And at this moment,The old chief is talking to the old man in the office,This old man is the supreme command of the First Military Region。
What they are talking about is about Qin Hao。
Qin Hao just returned to the Iron and Blood Blade,Suddenly felt that the iron-blooded blade changed greatly。
Qin Hao obviously saw an increase in the number of people with iron and blood blades。
“Qin Hao,No holiday,Train now,”At this time, the voice of Flying Wolf sounded。