“It’s almost,Don’t shame。latest news……Li Tianchou may be suspected of excessive defense,Now controlled by the police。”Rowling pretending to be mysterious。
“real or fake,This is too boring, right?Our media is also preparing to call on the municipal government to issue Li Tianchou‘Good citizen’Award。What shit is too defensive?Can you only count on knocking down the gangster with your mouth when you see righteousness and bravery?What kind of rubbish logic is this?”Ren Peiyi raised the volume and complained。
“True or false,You can verify by yourself,I said you yell so loudly?”Rowling didn’t expect Ren Peiyi to react so much,I regret breaking the news。
“What do you know,This is the call for justice。I’ll verify,Don’t lie to me。”Ren Peiyi hung up anxiously。
Listening to the busy tone on the phone,Rowling feels things are getting bigger,She worries that Ren Peiyi’s character will make things uncontrollable。But now there is no way,I just blame myself for not being able to control my emotions,What the teacher said is really good,I have to change it well in the future。
Rowling never thought,Because of her impulse,A little“Broke the news”Brought a turning point for the Li Tianchou incident。
Chapter Sixteen Two old foxes
City office,Liu Ming sat on the sofa and smoked,An application for Li Tianchou’s release on bail is on the desk,Waiting for him to sign,He doesn’t bother to watch。Liu Ming is in a mixed mood now,But worry is better than joy。
The good news is that the Criminal Police Team lives up to expectations,Finally caught before the end of the year“1.14”Fugitive suspect,Not only got the affirmation and praise from the bureau leaders,I also let out a bad breath。
Worry is,New troubles are here again。After an overnight trial,Analysis of the confession of criminals,“1.14”The case is not an isolated case,Although the murderer is not the same group,But half a year agoSZoccurring“5.17”、“6.29”Murders are inextricably linked,This is consistent with Xiao Yadong’s speculation。
Two cases remain unsolved,It’s one aspect that the real murderer did not catch,The background of the case is extremely complicated,Involved in drug trafficking and cross-border money laundering,And the relationship is intricate,May involve some senior officials。So the investigation is very difficult,There has been no progress。
In addition,Liu Tiejun’s investigation also made a breakthrough,“1.14”The owner of the case, Mr. Liang, the Yinhai Investment Consulting Company where he belonged, was suspected of financial fraud and transnational money laundering,Economic investigation has begun to intervene in the investigation。If the three cases are combined,May become a blockbuster*,Not afraid of the challenge of work,Liu Ming knows that the water here is too deep,He felt like he was already sitting on the crater。
Just this time,《Metropolis Evening News》The reporter from ran up again clamoring for an interview,Said to confirm whether Li Tianchou, a brave security guard, was controlled by the police。Add chaos to this knot,Liu Ming is very angry。This Li Tianchou became a chicken rib,Let yourself be a little overwhelmed。
no doubt,The three cases are of course the top priority。After the merger,How the case is interpreted and developed,It’s hard to predict,But it is definitely an unprecedented challenge。
By contrast,Li Tianchou’s case is not worth mentioning,Liu Ming is actually very clear,The reason why I decided to arrest Li Tianchou,I think more from its background,As for over-defense,Legally not absolutely persuasive。Currently facing pressure from the news media,Damn, I don’t know which bastard reporter called,Liu Ming scolded fiercely。
This reporter also admitted to death,It’s still in the reception room downstairs,Liu Ming hates dealing with the news media,Really annoying。
Liu Ming needs to sort out his thoughts,I naturally thought of the old men Xiao Yadong and Liu Tiejun。Ponder for a moment,He first dialed the extension of Xiao Yadong’s office,The phone rang for a long time and no one answered。“Oh shit,Working hours,Why did this kid go?No one was seen at the New Year tea party at noon。”