The only thing I don’t quite understand is,Since I left calmly,Why didn’t Dad say hello to the unit in advance?Why did Huaishan abduct her brother-in-law??
Put down some details for now,Li Tianchou immediately gave YuanzaiSZSandou from the city called,He doesn’t have Huaishan’s contact information,But Sandou must understand this person’s current situation。
No contact for more than two years,Sandou was very happy to receive a call from Li Tianchou,When asked about the current situation in Huaishan,His tone is more exaggerated,“Huaishan is now rich,I heard that I moved to East Guangdong to open a factory,I haven’t contacted for a long time,You have something to do with him?I will call him right away。”
“No need to,I just returned to my hometown,By the way, everyone。Work hard,I’ll see you for a drink in a few days。”Li Tianchou hung up the phone in a flat tone,But frowned,My heart is sinking,He seemed to see an invisible and evil big net slowly opening towards him。
Seeing that there are still a few colleagues looking at me around,Li Tianchou is instantly free,“Thank you all for doing so much,Tian Chou has important things to go out immediately,I won’t keep everyone。”
“Just chant together,Although it can’t help much,But a few of us run errands,Lay hands,Don’t bother you。”Shen Yingjie is like a hob meat,Naturally refused to leave easily。
Li Tianchou wry smile,Naturally know the instructor’s intention,He knows discipline,So don’t force it,“Then find a place to eat first,Act after discussion。But one thing,The decision I made, you can’t interfere and stop,As for whether to report,up to you。”
“Don’t worry,The instructor said,All actions are under your command。”Shen Yingjie is decisive。
Have a bunch of attendants,Although upset,But many things are very convenient,The most direct transportation problem is also solved,Two off-road jeeps,This reminded Li Tianchou of looking for the drug lord with Wu Fang and others when he was in Yunshan.AScenario。
After meal,Li Tianchou talked with You Shilong on the phone,More dignified,Panshi company’s foundation is not good enough,Laoyou has been exposed,There was a conflict with Xie Dabao。Kaiyuan’s foundation is very simple,Is Fukuyama’s local company,Ernst took over halfway because of poor management,But Ann is an outsider,Opened a factory in Mindong earlier,I suddenly ran to Fukuyama for some reason,This person has a very complicated background。
“Let go for now,Pay attention to protect yourself。Go to East Guangdong,Help me find a person named Chang Huaishan,Also an outsider,From my hometown,Contact at any time。”
“Your old family?What’s the matter?”
“He opened a factory in eastern Guangdong,What do you do,I’m not very sure。I will send you his business registration message later。”Li Tianchou didn’t answer You Shilong,I don’t want to pull my brother into the water,But no one is currently available,I had to go against my will。
hang up the phone,Li Tianchou immediately dialed Xiao Yadong’s number,The other party opened his mouth and cursed,“You treat Lao Tzu as an account holder?Special,This day by day,What do you want to do?”
“A matter of life and death,Please help big brother。”Li Tianchou takes a meal,Very cautious。
“Don’t threaten me with harsh words,the last time,Hear clearly?”
“Thank you!”
After hung up,Li Tianchou paced anxiously in the living room,Does Huaishan have a company in eastern Guangdong?,Have you registered your own name,All unknown,But I can only take a gamble first。
Shen Yingjie sent a group of people to stay in the yard,I sat quietly watching Li Tianchou,The slightly indifferent eyes actually contain complex warmth and concern。