First283chapter Holy and magic
“These sepak takraw,Protecting the fruit of Juomo,Powerful mysticism、Combat skills、Magic has no effect on them,Those lost dragons also used their claws and teeth to grind away little by little。”Zhu Minglang pointed at those fruits of enlightenment,Said to Li Xinghua。
Li Xinghua told Zhu Minglang with his eyes,The cage sepak takraw seems not as complicated as he said。
Zhu Minglang just turned his head and looked,I found those sepak takraw balls opened slowly by themselves。
Aside,Shenmu Qingshenglong’s blue pupils bloom with brilliance,The ancient blue scales are also shining,The whispering Shenmu Qingshenglong seems to be born with the ability to communicate with these ancient vines,Its dragon whispers,Let those stubborn sepak takraw balls give out the fruit of enlightenment inside by themselves。
Zhu Minglang scratched his head。
Is it so simple?
These fruits of enlightenment,Wasn’t it just for Shenmu Qingshenglong to be born?,Those lost dragons should have gained the power of enlightenment by coincidence,Obviously they are not welcome。
Reach out,Take out a bright red fruit of Judemo,Zhu Minglang discovered that this fruit exudes a sweet fragrance,Look at the plump and attractive thin-skinned flesh,Can’t help but want to take a bite,Let your taste buds be filled with this sweet juice。
“can not eat,People can’t eat,A vine will grow in the belly!”At this moment,Mr. Koi yelled,Wake up Zhu Minglang who has been out of luck。
I wish Minglang recovered immediately,When my eyes fell on this fruit again, I was a little afraid!
I was bewitched by a fruit!
It is inducing itself to eat,As if there was a little devil whispering in the ear,Eating this fruit can get everything you want,money、beauty、that power、Supreme cultivation。
“Jude Mo fruit is not a good thing,They will confuse some creatures that cannot digest it to eat it,Once they get into the belly of other creatures,Will madly absorb the nutrients of this person’s body,to be honest,Becomes their mobile flower pot,Wait till the time is right,They will sprout,And come out!”Mr. Koi said。
Although Mr. Koi’s statement,A little bit like a kind deception,Trick children not to pick up things on the ground and put them in their mouths,Bugs will grow in your mouth,But here is the ancient ruins,Every plant and tree is quite weird,And cannot be explained by common sense。
Zhu Minglang glanced at the Shenmu Qingshenglong beside him,Asked:“Did you eat something??”
Shenmu Qingshenglong shook his head,It means that it will never grow vines after eating 100。
“Oh!!”Big black teeth volunteered,That it is willing to be the first dragon to eat devil fruit!