“Really strong like a gorilla!”Cao Anna’s coach sighed。
However, Anna Cao didn’t face each other head-on,But while Liu Zhe didn’t pay attention,Copy away with your left hand,Compared speed,Liu Zhe is not an opponent,Can only watch Anna Cao make a fast break and layup。
“The score came31:45,After Miss Anna came on the field, she stopped her opponent very much!There is hope for our women’s team!”Zhang Song said to Lu Yi beside him。
However, Lu Yi is holding a pen to record the game information,From time to time, I took a few photos with the department’s camera。
Zhang Song had no choice but to continue watching the game,But his eyes drifted from time to time on Mary and Lucy,Admiring their figures。
“Liu Zhe,well done!Don’t let each other24Easy score!”The coach of the women’s team of the Nationalities University patted Liu Zhe on the shoulder and said。
“I will give her some color and see!”Liu Zhedao。
The game is back,The Nationalities University Team took advantage of the height advantage2Minute。Change serve,Anna Cao used the fast break to score back。
The National University team continues to make use of the height advantage,Cut the ball inside,Spread to outside,Liu Zhe hits an open three-pointer。
“See it,More than you will score!”Liu Zhedao。
Change serve,Anna Cao dribbles to the top of the arc,At this time, Liu Zhe has blocked the breakthrough route,I saw Cao Anna an emergency stop,Retreat jumper shot,3Steadily hit!
“Answer ball!”The live commentator shouted。
All the women’s team members from the big technology team came to Anna Cao to celebrate with her,The ball played the basketball team’s counterattack momentum。
“Good job!As expected of our team‘Raksha Girl’,God resists killing God,Buddha blocks and kills Buddha!”The beard-faced coach tapped his belly and said。
Prelude-newborn Chapter 22 Stadium queen
“Current score36:50,Since Anna Cao, a substitute member of the University of Science and Technology, played,Obviously they found the feeling of scoring,Had an offensive climax。”A male game commentator analyzed。
“Yes,The Nationalities University team has not found a way to suppress this point,A game that didn’t feel suspense,Started to get nervous!”The female commentator beside him said。
“again3Split ball!Miss Anna is too awesome!Women’s Basketball!”Zhang Song applauded,He turned,Found that Lu Yi was not around,Look around,Found that Lu Yi had already got off the stand,Come to the court,Continue to take pictures,So Zhang Song hurriedly followed。