“Oh!How about this!Mr. Guo and Lin Wei go to the company first,Xi Zhen and I are going to the Public Security Bureau,I’ll be at the company right away,Everyone prepares,Give me a report on their respective work“Xia Jian was eating breakfast,Whispered。
Guo Meili nodded,And Lin Wei got up and left。Xi Zhen glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Why should we go to the Public Security Bureau ourselves?“
“There should be a conclusion on this matter,Can’t drag anymore。Besides, people find it,The same result as our search“Xia Jian said,Two mouthfuls finished the soy milk in the bowl。
Director Mao and Wu Qiang were hosting Xia Jian,They also called a clerk。Conversation is easy,But it takes a long time,When Xia Jian comes out of the Public Security Bureau,,It’s almost eleven o’clock。
When Xi Zhen sitting in the car saw Xia Jian came out,Said a bit complaining:“Is their efficiency too low?!What time is this?Mr. Guo has already called two“
“Oh!I told them to report to their work,I knew this,I might as well let them do other jobs,It’s a waste of time“Xia Jian said,I couldn’t help but breathe out。
Small meeting room in Donglin Building,Guo Meili brought several relevant persons in charge of the project office,Everyone is holding a folder,It seems to be ready to report。
“Focus,You can’t just report excellent when reporting,I want to hear more comprehensively。let’s start!“Xia Jianyi sit down,And said loudly。
First1139chapter Play dumb
Early summer weather,Already smells of intense heat。
Xishan Mine,It’s still cool sooner or later,A bit hot at noon。Since Wang Youcai’s new machine entered the mountain,He has very little time to go out of the mountain,He believes in the charm of money more and more。
If not for money,It may be a myth that this Xishan mine can be connected to electricity,Even a few villages close to the mine,It is said that they are exposed to the light of Xishan Mine。
the weather is getting hotter,Liu Ying wears less every day。Woman in this village,Since entering the mountain,Not only is her heart changing,Even the appearance is quietly changing day by day。
Only Wang Youcai knows this。Watching her look more and more beautiful,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but quietly entered the kitchen。The fire in the kitchen is burning,Liu Ying is busy making noodles。Because of her very hard work,So the two things hanging on the chest,Dangling like two little watermelons。
Her high butt,Wrapped in stretch shorts,Exudes endless magic。Wang Youcai walked over quietly,Reached out and touched Liu Ying’s ass,This woman was surprised。
When Wang Youcai was about to make fun of her,I saw Tian Wa running from a distance。When I saw Tian Wa,I couldn’t help but chuckle,If this person comes to him quickly,There must be nothing good。