“Mate,It’s me,This is my body,Don’t you love me, Xianggong??”
Bai Suzhen looked at her panicked mate,Talk,Lost saying,Is it true that my father-in-law can’t face her body??Thinking of the gambling agreement with Fahai just now,Bai Suzhen had a bad feeling。
“Do not,You are not my wife,My lady is beautiful and beautiful,The beauty of the allure,And a gentle and virtuous character,Not you monster,This is Jinshan Temple,There are Buddhist monks sitting in town,You leave soon,Otherwise, the eminent monks of Jinshan Temple must cast down demons,Except you monster。”
Xu Xian shouted,this moment,He very much hopes that Buddhist monks can appear,Protect him,As for why the voice of the monster in front of you is the same as the voice of your own lady,Xu Xian didn’t think about it,He wants to let the monster in front of him leave now。
“really,Everyone likes beauty,But I don’t know the beauty is just a pink skull,After old age,Will dislike,This beauty, even if I wait for practitioners, few people can look down upon,Besides being an ordinary person?”
Xu Xian in white perceives a scene in the hall,Said with a smile,Although the self in this world is a bit embarrassing,but,This is also human nature,Ordinary people are already very scared when they see a one-meter-long snake,Not to mention the hundreds of meters long white snake in front of me,It made Xu Xian’s heart shocked。
“Amitabha,It seems,This bet was won by the little monk,Shemale love,It’s just love’s appearance and beauty,The appearance of those monsters after their transformation can be said to be overwhelming.,For an ordinary person,Is no different from a fairy,therefore,It is excusable to fall in love for a while。”
Fahai said with a smile,No matter how Bai Suzhen can comfort Xu Xian,Xu Xian is just an ordinary person,Maybe you will meet a beautiful woman who loves him,Will speak words that will last until death,but,If this beautiful woman is a thousand-year-old white snake,And after seeing the body of the Millennium White Snake,Fahai really doesn’t believe that Xu Xian will continue to die。
Inside the hall,Bai Suzhen looked at Xu Xian who looked terrified,Family friend,Mildly。
“Mate,This is my body,Xianggong saved my life in a previous life,In this life I came to promise,and,I’m pregnant,Is Xianggong really so afraid of my body??”
When Xu Xian saw that the snake demon in front of him did not get closer to him,Relieved,I thought it was the name of the Buddhist monk of the Jinshan Temple.,but,After hearing the words of the snake demon in front of me,Combined with the host of Jinshan Temple, Fahai, who has been telling himself about the love of a ladyboy during this time,Xu Xian reacted instantly,original,His gentle and kind lady,Really a monster,And he,Became a kiss with a monster,The monster is pregnant。
Xu Xian covered his head with both hands,Some can’t believe this cruel reality,After three breaths,Xu Xian looked up,Seeing the snake demon in front of you is still there, looking at himself,Said bitterly。
“you,Really my wife?The lady who married me?”
“it’s me,Mate,I know you my love,Will last till death,follow me,I take you out of here,Fahai has promised that I won’t break us up again。”