Jiangsu: Bailu to alternating cold air

The influence of “Agate” on Jiangsu was over yesterday, but it was affected by cold air. In the next three days, even the middle-level showers or thunderstorms along the Huaihuai area were hit by local rainstorms.

Among the blue warning signs of heavy rain released by the Central Meteorological Observatory last night, Northwestern Jiangsu was classified as a heavy rainstorm.

In the next three days in Nanjing, the weather is mainly cloudy with showers, and the reduction is not big.

  According to the statistics of the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Observatory, it has been affected by four consecutive typhoons. Since September, the province has experienced heavy rains and heavy rains.

Following the regional strongness in Huaibei on September 2, at 5 o’clock on the 4th?
At 5 o’clock on the 5th, there were showers or thunderstorms along the Yangtze River and most of the north of the province. Heavy rains occurred along the Huaihe area, and there were 3 stations along the eastern Huai River to reach heavy rain (Jianhu 71).

5 mm, 60 on the coast.

3 mm, Suining 59.

6 mm).

  Yesterday, after the “Agate” gradually approached the southern coast of South Korea, its influence on the coastal areas of Jiangsu Province gradually ended.

Affected by the periphery of “Agate”, there were weak showers in the southeastern part of Jiangsu, mainly concentrated in Kunshan, Taicang and other areas in Suzhou.

Yesterday, Nanjing also had a “sun rain”, which basically did not become a climate. The public felt that the weather was obviously hot.

  Tomorrow is the white dew of the 24 solar terms. In the white dew, the cold air will also be more and more transferred, and the cold air first attacks the northern part of the province.

From now on until the 9th, there are showers or thunderstorms along the Huaiheihe area, the rainfall is medium to large, and local rainstorms; other areas are mainly cloudy with local thunderstorms.

  According to the statistical analysis of meteorological data in Nanjing, the average temperature of the white dew has been terminated 22 .

6 ° C.

However, the average daily temperature in Nanjing in these days is between 25 ° C and 27 ° C, which is a lot higher. It is also a certain distance from the autumn standard of “average 5 consecutive days below 22 ° C steadily”.

At present, the “Autumn Tigers” in the south are generally in the name of rising. The showers in Nanjing in the next few days will not be “transparent”, so the citizens still have to endure the sultry heat.