The symptoms of kidney cancer have some common manifestations

The cause of kidney cancer is still unclear, and there may be many factors that can cause kidney cancer.

Genetic factors may be one of the causes of kidney cancer, and the incidence of smokers is significantly higher than that of non-smokers.

There are also reports of certain industrial substances, aflatoxin, hormones, radiation, contrast agents, etc. that may cause kidney cancer.

For kidney cancer, early detection and early treatment is the only way to go.

So what are the common symptoms of kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer metastasis has some symptoms: the symptoms of kidney cancer are usually manifested as kidney cancer. 1: Hematuria is about 70% of kidney cancer patients. The most initial kidney cancer is hematuria.

This amount of hematuria does not agree, usually hematuria can be seen by the naked eye, of course, some are microscopic hematuria, which is usually intermittent, occurring from one day to two or three days, and the interval can be extended to half a month.During the four months, the shorter the interval, the faster the disease develops.

Kidney Cancer Performance 2: Patients with kidney cancer who have half of their back pain will have symptoms of low back pain.

This is because the kidney capsule or the kidney cone is involved in the tumor that is gradually enlarged, or because the tumor is compressed by the connective tissue, muscle, lumbar vertebrae or lumbar nerve, which causes persistent pain in the affected side: when clots, tumor necrotic tissueWhen the lower ureter is discharged, it can cause acute pain.

The pain bucket needs to be differentiated from the ureteral stones.

Renal Carcinoma Performance 3: The sensible package is fast two to three percent. The patient can feel a very obvious packet before the kidney cancer is found, which means that the tumor has developed to a certain volume.

Need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to check the diagnosis!

Renal Carcinoma Performance 4: Weight loss and weight loss are common manifestations of systemic symptoms in patients with kidney cancer, accompanied by general malaise, loss of appetite, lack of energy, fatigue and weakness.

Often in the late stages of kidney cancer, patients tend to lose weight and are unable to eat properly.

What are the metastatic symptoms of kidney cancer?

Late stage of renal cell carcinoma is directly transferred through three major pathways: local infiltration, lymph node transport, and blood transfer.

Renal cancer lung metastasis is the most common metastatic disease, manifested as hemoptysis, chest pain, cough, pleural effusion, etc.; bone metastasis of renal cancer is also more common, most likely to appear in the pelvis, spine, ribs, etc., manifested as local pain and progressiveExacerbation, the bone of the metastatic site is prone to pathological fractures.

In addition, kidney cancer is often transferred to other parts, such as liver, spleen, scales, brain, common bile duct, adrenal gland, mediastinum, diaphragm, thumb, vagina, choroid, external auditory canal and eyelids.

Kidney cancer tends to metastasize earlier, when the primary tumor is small, the metastasis can occur, and the site of metastasis is quite broad, almost found in any tissue and organs of the human body.

In addition, renal cancer also has a large number of non-urinary system extra-renal manifestations such as high fever, abnormal liver function, anemia, nerve palsy, hypertension, erythrocytosis and hypercalcemia, etc., must be given enough attention.