7 Beauty Truths That Make You Surprise

MMs always have their own skin care tips for skin beauty. Everyone also likes to exchange and discuss various secrets of beauty. However, there are many so-called skin care methods and theories, which are just fools.

The truth about the beauty you do not understand, one by one for you.

Please take care of the wrong skin care concept, and avoid the misunderstanding of skin care that makes you muddy, so that your skin care is effective.


“Water” is not always the answer, said London-based dermatologist Patrick Bowler, “Water in the body can indeed help digestion, relieve inflation, and make organs move better . but eight glasses of water a day is impossible to removeAcne that keeps the skin 15 years old.

Dr Howard Murad, who has provided health care guidance for many Hollywood stars such as Liu Yuling, said: “The problem is not how much water you drink, but how much water you can keep in your body, to be good for your skin.

Eating more foods that contain fatty acids or OMEGA-3 ingredients (such as cod liver oil) will help the body use water more reasonably and prevent it from rushing through the body.


Natural Acne Enemies: Non-Chocolate, Even Iodine “There is no evidence that eating chocolate or sugary foods can cause small acne outbreaks.

Dr Murad said, “Of course, it’s not good for maintaining body shape!

“At the same time, he wants to warn the girls of favorite seafood and fast-food restaurants:” Sushi, shrimp, and shellfish have extremely high iodine content, which promotes the secretion of oil glands and directly has an adverse effect.


Nicholas Perricone recommends that you use vitamin C and E lotions first. This thin layer will increase the sun protection effect by four times!

Dr. Lowe also reminded everyone that when buying sunscreen, pay attention that it can simultaneously resist long-wave UVA and medium-wave UVB, and it is better to use sunscreen and moisturizing skin care factors separately.

Dr. Bowler pointed out that for women around 28 years old, it is recommended to use skin care products containing vitamin A (Retin-A) to repair the epidermis and reduce fine lines at the first time when the size is revealed.

For skin with melanin deposits, sun spots, and deep wrinkles, laser treatment can alleviate adverse reactions after sun exposure.


Collagen ≠ Magic Essence If the collagen component in the cream can really activate, then we will all be young forever, but in reality?

Sheldon Pinnell, a top American dermatologist, explained: “Just like an evening dress with a fat body that lacks YSL, the collagen molecules in the cream are often too large to penetrate the dermis into the inner layer, so it cannot achieve its own effect.

The only effect of such a cream is to achieve the most epidermal cells to lock in moisture, temporarily make the epidermis full and feel good.


Good skin needs to lower the fire, “play with fire and self-immolate”. The term is used on the skin, which means that when you eat spicy chicken wings and curry food, the blood in the body will accelerate circulation in the skin, and the skin will be crimson with red spots.

This situation is the cause of blushing, hotness, and small acne.

Therefore, it is best to avoid spicy food.

If the symptoms are still obvious, it is recommended to take a daily multi-vitamin Zancun tablet. Zinc and selenium can help reduce erythema and acne.


Don’t over-clean. Don’t think that the harder the friction is, the better the keratin removal will be.

Be careful with your skin, as friction can stimulate oil glands and can cause skin dryness, tightness, and even itching.

Minimize the number of cuticles and dead skin exfoliations. Once a week is sufficient.

Also, do not wash your face with hot water. Skin with high temperature will dry out.


When choosing a partner, you should choose soap that is exquisite and beautiful. Many MMs like it, but most people pay attention to the appearance and aroma of soap, but ignore the most fundamental characteristics.

The so-called young girls like handsome guys, but partners are not just looking at appearances.

Old-fashioned words, but it makes sense: It’s important to have inner things.

Finding the best cleaning supplies is like finding the right partner, and it takes your time and patience.