Original title: The basic recovery of road transportation network in our province has been informed from the Provincial Transportation Department, and the unremitting efforts of the provincial transportation departments have been inferior from the provincial transportation departments. As of 14th, highways, ordinary national trunk lines and The rural roads rushed to block 30 blockages, 42 (including half of which) and 2842, the province’s road transport network was basically recovering.

  It is understood that the economic rainfall is affected by this wave, the highway disaster is kilometers, of which the highway is damaged. The general national trunk road is damaged, and the rural road is damaged by 5022 kilometers.

Due to road blocking, the rural passenger transport in some regions of our province is stopped, and the mass travel is affected by a certain extent.

  According to the warning of the meteorological department, the province’s transportation department has gradually developed judgment, carefully arranged, and timely deploy flood preservation and smooth work, and launched the post-disaster recovery and reconstruction work. Part. Our province continues to carry out hidden dangers: comprehensive development of road safety governance in the province, "look back", continuously increase the daily inspection of the road, focus on the risks of road and geological disasters along the road, clearly clear the responsible subject, fine Defense initiatives, form a long-term mechanism for high-quality road maintenance safety governance; adhere to the classification disposal of disaster destruction road: to restore traffic on small repair, discover one place; for a time, it is difficult to grab the road, timely closed road Arrange a special person’s worth, formulate a reasonable winding plan and publish to the public to the public; Communication in natural resources, emergency management, etc. Travel service information such as road conditions, traffic control, shunt windows. (Reporter is unbamed).