“This is all the credit of Xia Jian”Chen Erniu sighed and said loudly。
Luo Yi was taken aback,She asked in disbelief:“What does this have to do with Xia Jian?”
“Big relationship,He used to be the general manager of a startup group.,But he has always been the head of our Xiping Village。So these projects are developed and introduced by him,And support the development。It can be said that we can have today in Xiping Village,Have a great relationship with him”
Chen Erniu smiled slightly,So I made Xia Jian capable,Revealed it invisibly。Luo Yi,Surprised Chao Xiajian put a thumb up and said:“You really are a wizard,You can do everything”
“You do not know!He was an official”Chen Erniu started talking as he talked。
Luo one by one,Haha said with a smile:“Heard him say,What mayor did he do。But that officer is a bit small,But it’s much bigger than you”
“Official is not big,But he did all the big things,It’s all about serving the common people。Don’t you know,He made our old farmers,Sold potatoes to the United States”Chen Erniu talked about Xia Jian,It’s really talkative。
Luo Yi:“Oh!”Said:“It seems that this person is hiding too deep,There are so many things I don’t know,Then please tell me everything”Luo Yi laughed happily。
Chen Erniu still wants to continue,But Xia Jian glared at him and said:“Less nonsense,Let’s go to the vegetable planting greenhouse,You two must be with you”
“I really regard myself as a leader?Not going,Go to yourself and Luo Yi”Chen Erniu said,So shamelessly。He actually wanted to make a joke with Xia Jian,But Xia Jian just ignored him。
Chen Erniu saw that Xia Jianla had gone on Xia Sanhu,He is a little anxious,Hurriedly chased up from behind,Make Luo laugh。
Xia Jian really guessed right,Ma Yan avoided going to the village committee,But she is in the vegetable greenhouse。As soon as they enter,I saw her sitting in a daze at the table at the door of the greenhouse。
“village head!Guest here”Chen Erniu saw Ma Yan sitting still,Hurried over and said。
Ma Yan glanced at Xia Jian and Luo Yi,Asked Chen Erniu coldly:“Where are the guests?Isn’t it Xia Jian??What kind of guest is he,Isn’t it just an old farmer in Xiping Village??”
“village head!There are outsiders,We can’t be rude”Chen Erniu lowered his voice,Quickly remind Ma Yandao。Chen Erniu’s words still played a role。
Ma Yan stood up,Said with a faint smile at Luo Yi:“Here comes another big beauty,But this is where we grow vegetables,Nothing good”
Luo walked into the greenhouse one by one,My eyes have been attracted by the various vegetables in the greenhouse。She didn’t even look at Ma Yan’s face,Second, he didn’t take what Ma Yan said to heart。