Chu Deirers will have no obedience、Weak and poor fluttering,Put back to the inn。
After all, Liu Sheng has been free.,Not only my father is dead,And other disciples of newly negative flow,Also in her,The integrity of the Chu Deirers are unable to sit in the chapter.。
“This is Rong Rong,One of my best friends,What if you have anything?,If you want, you can find her business.。This is Liu Shengwei,Yes……Is me a friend。”Chu Deirers are put on a bit awkward,Introducing Huang Rong to Liu Shengwei。
As for the month……
Considering that she has just killed Liu Sheng but horse,Chu Deirers are very intimate, they do not meet them.。
“Rongrong sister。”Liu Sheng drifting low head called a sound。
“kindness。”Huang Rong’s reaction,Not very enthusiastic,I have even asked a few skeptical openings.:“Your people have already given up subsequent plans.?Before you fall to Guo Giao,It is because of cooperation with Mongolians.?”
Liu Sheng is covered with red eyes.,Chu Deirers:“All right,Rong Rong,Don’t say so many things first,Since the people have been withdrawn,Then there is no more to mention more.。”
Huang Rong said helplessly:“Ok,Then I will do a few dishes.,Give the fluttering for a while。”
Perfect interpretation,A kind and ignorant male,Completed,Machine and sensitive female owner。
Dinner,“Moon”Also,Although it is not talking to Liu Sheng,But also meet。
Liu Sheng’s reflection is good,only……This is true incense!
Until the whole process is silent, you have to use it.,Huang Rongcai open mouth:“Dongpu’s things,Is it necessary to think about the god??”
“Inform him what to do?I have already told you.,Don’t look at him a face,In fact, a belly man!”Chu Deirers are very disdainful。
Liu Shengwei is secretly recorded,At the same time, it is equipped.——After all, Huang Rong is now talking about the things of Dongpu.。
“Why is Shenhou in the rivers and lakes?,Now I have to counter the party,And Guo Giao’s things,Maybe it is finally clarified by the Langshanzhuang。”Huang Rong said helplessly。
Chu Deirers are still indignant,But I didn’t say anything.。
If God knows,Chu Deirers’ judgment,Actually just“Anti-Zass”,After that, I will definitely be withdrew by him.——After all, this is what God has shown.。
It seems that,Chu Deirers are indeed because of some words of the ancient three-way,And there is a question about the character of Iron gamma.。
This level of questioning and rude,Iron gods can completely temporarily tolerate,I have made it.“event”,Naturally, you can easily retaliate back。
“How to do after Liu Sheng girl?”Huang Rong asked Liu Sheng。
“I……I have no idea。”Liu Sheng is helpless and helpless。
Huang Rong saw,A turn:“Nowhere,After staying in Lin’an with me??”
Before Liu Sheng fluttered in an intelligence,Also known Huang Rong this person,Understand her smart,Guess this is to stay with yourself,Good monitoring,But it is weak.:“Also……”
at this time,It is not sudden to come to the inn,I want to find a Chu Deirers.,The shopkeeper and the small second are obviously do not dare to become a leader.。
“Bother,Old into you are really,Just just finished。”Chu Deiren saw him。
“Deer brother, you are not meant.,Do I am a person who specializes in me??It is a few masters of Nan Shaolin.,Also brought a copy of the temple《Wonderful life》,But in Tai Chang Temple,Those who make up the people who seem to have a conflict with the people,It is said that it is already playing.。”It is non-mysterious to reveal gossip。
Different from Chu Deirens,Nan Shaolin also represents Buddhist Zen Zen,When you are in the Queen, you will enter Beijing.,It is also a special temple reception responsible for the sacrifices.,Like Wudang、All true, etc.,People who come to the birthday are also receiving Tai Chang Temple.。
Unlike Chu Deirers,Apostle official certified heroes,But no food……Not living in the inn,Just quietly in the palace overnight。
One I heard that the people of Shaolin,I have conflicted with my pug,Chu Deiren has also been interested,After the Huang Rong, they said.,It is not to see the lively。
As for Liu Shengwei……