“Go to the six brothers.。”
“Today, I have given the buyer today.。”
“You are going to personally?”
“no,I have a warehouse in the radio.,Let the people who buy money in the locker and change the bill。”
“now it’s right,Pay attention to safety in the future,Tell you one thing,Maybe I will return to the high class,You will continue to be busy with you,Also do the preparation of traitors。”Ritual,
“What is the nine brothers let me do what I do?!”
“Teach you something must remember,Also diligently exercise。”
The next thing is the most harmful thing.,Scenery,Cao Meng,Ginger,Jiang Xing four people arrangements,They are brothers,And it is also rushing to my devils.,But now I am shaking a Japanese special agent that has become a special class.,What do they think,You can’t tell them in your own。
So I want to think about it.,Rui Rui finally decided to let the guerrillas rob them,Then send them to learn from the ground,Let Fu Ying Snow Transfer first。
This is the application for Fu Yingxue.,Organizing the horse agreed,And the organization also agreed to returning to the special high school,Because this can get more valuable intelligence。
Three days later,Qi Rui Jiang Tong,Jiang Xing,Jing Yun and Cao Meng have a batch of goods to leave Shanghai,With Fu Ying, put the car and the dock all over personally managed.。
Five days later,Rui Wei gave a special high school wine well Mei Huizi called a phone call,Tell her to discover the traces of Zheng Yaoxin Zhao Ji.,He now takes five people of the rape group.。
Wine Yi Yibei also thought it would wait for a good news,As a result, Long Tuli is a person who is alone in the blood.。
NS177chapter This long pool is terrible!
See a long life,Clothing is also wet,Wine Yi Yibei is shocked:“Long pool,What happened??”
“Zhao Ji’s bastard,I have grown him.,He held my identity on the spot at the photo of the hotel.,As a result, the five killers of the rap group reversed me together.,Fortunately, it is close to Huangpu River.,I am jumping into the river.。”Rui Rui’s grin and painful,
“So saying that the killer of the five iron blood is also ran.?”Wine Yihui asked,
“Should run!”
“Do you want me to send people to the car??”
“Wine long,Car walk in the legal rental,We can’t be big Zhangqi drums,But you can rest assured,I have already prepared it.,Now the car is not in their hands.,But let Qingshan Ya Mei managed?。”
“But this is not dangerous??”
“Temples with the legal rental should have nothing to do.,I also taught her military skills in the usual.,The Chinese people in the car and the pier are basically for mixed rice.,They don’t care who is the boss?。”
“What do you plan to do next??”
“What can I do?,With people continue to hunt down Zhao Ji,Zheng Yaoxian and Judge combination,They must be removed,Otherwise it is too big to threaten!”
“So said that Long Chijun is going to return to a class.?”
“I don’t come back now.!Hey!It’s a pity.,If you don’t have a hotel event, I will not expose so early.。”
“Long pool,If I have some power, I will not let you fall to this situation.,Hurry to go to the medical room with me,You seem to be injured.。”
“Need to pack it。”
Wine Yi Yibei is personally followed by the medical room,Waiting for the doctor to cut the clothes,There are three knives in him.,And it looks very injured.,Need sew needles and anti-inflammatory treatment。
“Long pool!Do you have a gun??”
“Of course,However, the people who were trapered by the blood of the blood were attacked.,It’s too bad.,If it is not to buy people, I have already killed them.,Unfortunately, the raising tiger is suffering.!”
The injury of the injury on the pool,Wine Yihui looked at the heartbeat,During the seam process, the pool is a long time because of blood loss.。