“may be。”I don’t know when I see my mother,Yushi gives up guessing。
Maybe right“We seem to have seen it somewhere, do you remember”The lyrics are too poisoned,She wants to know the answer。
So what can I do if I haven’t seen it before?At least for now,They know。
At the morning meeting,Ji Yunfeng’s revised design plan passed the review,The next step is to send the construction materials to the Planning Bureau。To familiarize yourself with the process,Yushi took the initiative to take the job。
Ma Wenyuan knew that Yushi was here for the first time,Arrange an experienced colleague as her assistant specially,Can point her,Can also run errands。
Chairman Zhang Wenya handed Yushi to him,Just trust him,He doesn’t want to exhaust the chairman’s daughter。And he knew,The chairman let Yushi go to the grassroots,To cultivate successors。Wait for a while,But the president of the company,His immediate boss。
Hand in as early as possible,He still understands this。
Having said that,But these days working with Yu Shi,He has a great view of her。Yushi’s intelligence and strength are beyond his imagination,And she is humble、easy going,Be generous,There is no such thing as the chairman’s daughter,My colleagues in the design department like her。
of course,He likes her too,Not just because she is the chairman’s daughter。
Busy these days,Sometimes I have to work overtime into the night,Yushi gradually became a little weak。Since his father Han Honglang passed away,She has heart palpitations,I always feel uncomfortable these few days。Zhang Wenya urged her several times,She put down her work and went to the hospital。
To the hospital,Yushi has always been guilty,To the doctor,Poetry but worship,When she was a child, her wish was to be a white angel who healed and saved people when she grew up。But before the college entrance examination,After she sneaked into the medical school where her cousin went to school,,Changed the once firm idea。
Seeing those medical specimens soaked in formalin,She almost vomited everything she ate the day before,I had nightmares for several days。
thereby,She concluded,The road to medicine is too difficult,It really doesn’t suit her。
Not many patients in the hospital this afternoon,She has a cardiology number,Arranged soon。
The doctor is a young man,Although wearing a mask,But judging from the sword eyebrows exposed outside,Poems can be judged,He is a handsome doctor。
With this knowledge,Her consultation process is not so boring。
The doctor got her pulse first,Ask her symptoms,Finally let her be a heart ultrasound,Then take the film and show it to him。
Finished filming,Yushi sits on a chair in the corridor and waits for results。