Such a simple shoulder bump,But it contains extremely strong strength,And during this collision,Brolongya’s shoulder armor changed at the same time,Metallic luster,And raised a sharp angle。
Lu Menglin knew how fierce the collision was,But I can only grit my teeth,A pair of ghosts with arms crossed,Hard to bear the impact of Bro Longye。
Under this collision,Lu Menglin sank,The two lower legs are directly submerged into the ground,Straighten the waist,Stubbornly resisted each other。
And the shoulder armor of Brolong also hit the ghost arm at the same time,It is slightly deformed,It can be seen that under this collision,How horrible strength is。
Talking late,Then soon!Brolong also got another knee bump,Against Lu Menglin’s lower abdomen。
Lu Menglin twisted his waist,Raise knee,Greeted。
boom!There was another sour crashing sound。
I saw Lu Menglin’s trousers flying,Shattered directly,And from his knees to his thighs,Even the evolutionary characteristics of ghosts and gods appeared。
Not to be indecent!Lu Menglin lifted his calf homeopathy,One leg hit Brolongye’s outside thigh,Kick him away。
Broron also has an armor body,Got this leg,Just shaken off,But didn’t suffer substantial harm。
And this also made Lu Menglin a little surprised,The opponent’s armor is so sharp,Even the body of ghosts and gods can’t be broken,It’s really difficult to deal with。
Brolong flies forward again,Double fists like arrows,Hundreds of boxing shadows instantly,Seal Lu Menglin’s body tightly,Even the surrounding air made a sizzle,And was blasted out of all white marks。
Lu Menglin still doesn’t retreat,Nailed a pair of legs in place,Whole body Dan Jin burst,Every vital part of the body is turned blue and black,The amazing effect of ghosts and gods appeared。
In a flash,Fist like rain,They fell on Lu Menglin one after another。
His whole person is like a fallen leaf rolled up by the autumn wind,Be beaten up and down,Swing left,But I just can’t stand up,And take all the opponent’s punches,Took it all。
boom!Bang bang!Bang bang bang!