Eat eight delicious desserts

Bird’s nest, flower gel, and snow clam are the three most popular moisturizing and beauty products. How can you please yourself without learning one or two specialty desserts?

  First, black sesame milk and black rice paste materials: black sesame, black rice, milk, sugar 1, wash and soak black sesame and black rice overnight, the ratio of black sesame and black rice should be based on personal preference, my general ratioIt’s 2: 1.

Put the soaked black sesame and black rice into the food processor and crush them for later use.

  2. Take a small milk pan, add water and milk, the ratio is 1: 1, and after the water is boiled, put our crushed black sesame and black rice into the pan, add sugar, stir while cooking, and cook on medium heatIt’s done in 15 minutes.

During the cooking process, pay attention to the fact that the rice paste is sticky, so it is easy to splash out after opening the pan, being careful not to get it hot!

  2. Chrysanthemum tea jelly material: chrysanthemum, wolfberry, rock sugar, agar 1, brew chrysanthemum tea 2 with chrysanthemum, wolfberry, and rock sugar. Take a small pot, put the brewed chrysanthemum tea into the appropriate amount.Agar (prepared according to the amount of your tea), boil over medium heat until the agar melts, and then prepare it as if it is cool in a mold.

  Third, papaya milk almond paste material: papaya, American large almond, milk, sugar 1, peel the papaya and cut into pieces 2, grind the large almonds into a powder 3, take a small pot, and put in an appropriate amount of milk,Then add the ground almond powder and stir while cooking. After cooking for 15 minutes, add sugar and papaya to make it. This is the best dessert for moisturizing the skin in summer.

  Fourth, milk oatmeal breast porridge ingredients: oatmeal, milk production method is even simpler, pour the oatmeal into the milk, put it in the oven, and it will be ready in the fire for two minutes.

  5. Ginger milk: whole milk, sugar, fresh ginger 1. Take a piece of fresh ginger for juice. If you do n’t have the tools, you can chop the ginger, then put it in gauze to squeeze out the juice.Live it.

  2. Add granulated sugar to the milk and cool it a little.

  3. Pour the heated milk into the bowl containing ginger juice before. This is the collision process.

  4. Cover the milk and let it stand for 10 minutes. The milk is flocculent and ready.

Ginger milk is delicious, sweet, fragrant and a little spicy. It really feels warm in summer.

  Six, Pu’er tea frozen materials: Pu’er tea, honey, agar 1, brewing Pu’er tea 2, put the brewed tea in a small pot, put in the appropriate amount of agar and boil, wait until slightly coolerAdd honey to the mold and let cool.

  Seven, apple milkshake material: favorite fruits (apple, banana, papaya, cantaloupe), milk, honey Production method: cut the favorite fruits into small pieces, and then put the proportion of fruit and milk is 2: 3Stir in the blender, and the milkshake is ready at this time. If you like sweet, then add a small amount of honey.

How to eat: A total of three days.

Get up every morning to drink a glass of milkshake and eat a slice of whole wheat bread; at noon, a glass of milkshake with 150 grams of vegetables and meat should be based on the list, and you should not eat big oils; drink another glass of milkshake before 5 o’clock at nightEat so much all day.

  Eight, yam red fruit drink material: yam, dried red fruit (dried hawthorn) rock sugar 1, cut yam into small dices, dry clean red fruit 2, take a casserole, put in water and rock sugar to boil, turn to a small pot15 minutes, then add yam and dried red fruit to low heat and cook for another 30 minutes.