At what age are couples the smartest to have children?

The birth of a baby is a top priority for a pregnant family. Whether the child is healthy or not involves the nerves shared in the family. From the moment of conception, even to prepare for the transitional new born earlier; in fact, quit smoking and alcohol . In addition, youIt is more important to pay attention to the age of the couple, and it is easier to have a smart and healthy baby at the right time!

The best age for fertility in men: 30-35 years old. At birth, scientists focus on heredity.

French geneticist Morris’s research shows that the offspring born to men aged 30-35 are the best.

Male sperm quality peaks at the age of 30 and can last for 5 years.

The best childbearing age for women: Women between the ages of 23 and 30 are the best age for childbearing.

During this period, women’s whole body development is fully mature, and their eggs are of high quality. If they reproduce with pregnancy, there is little risk of childbirth, seed growth and development is good, and the incidence of premature, deformed and demented children is the lowest.

Couples in this age group are rich in life experience and are capable of nurturing babies and children.

If a woman conceives prematurely, the competition between food and developing mothers for nutrition is not good for mother health and fetal development.

The best breeding combination: males are about 7 years older than females and are usually not severe. The optimal age combination for male and female fertility should be about 7 years old.

The father is older, the intelligence is relatively mature, and the “code” inherited by the mother is more. The mother is young and has a strong vitality, which will create a better incubation environment for growth and development. Therefore, this “optimized combination”Native offspring are prone to “genius.”