Put on the shoes and the appetite is also worse

High temperatures can cause people’s loss of appetite, and poor mood can also make people’s appetite worse.

But most people can’t think of wearing inappropriate shoes, which can also lead to decreased appetite.

  The foot is called the “second heart” of human beings, which brings together many acupuncture points and meridians. People’s internal organs can find the reflection area associated with them at the soles of the feet.

Therefore, if the shoes are not suitable or the soles are hard, in addition to being prone to fatigue and causing pain in the feet, it will cause unpleasant irritations to the soles of the feet, causing anxiety and even loss of appetite.

  The appetite at the bottom of the foot, digestion and absorption functions, such as the stomach, traces, and the reflex zone of the duodenum, are distributed in the position of the foot, when wearing a pair of shoes that are not fit, especially wearing high heels and thin shoes, toes andThe corresponding reflex zone of hypertension is easily squeezed.

If these parts repeatedly suffer from bad malignant stimulation, there will be symptoms such as loss of appetite and metabolic dysfunction.

After a long time, even the spirit will be weak, and the body will gradually lose weight, which may affect the normal function of other internal organs.

  So how can we pick the right shoes?

  The heel of the shoe is 2?
3 cm can make the arch more reasonable; the size of the shoe should be appropriate.

The toes can be slightly bent at the toe, and there is a space for the fingers to move the toes; the front half of the shoes and the waist portion of the shoe should be firmer to avoid shaking left and right; the material of the shoes should be breathable and comfortable.

It should be noted that it is best to buy shoes at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. At this time, the feet will be more inflated. At this time, the selected shoes will not be squeezed when worn in the future.