Group ghost transfer target,The Zhang Dynamics Dynasty Dynasty,His mesley,Blue halo bomb that is suddenly fried。
Net world,Before you have, Liao Wenji is chest.,Besides,His wrist with a bead,The neck is hung in the cross and Zhang Tianshi’s maidae.。
fully armed,It’s almost a copper roller.。
“what,What is this magic?……”
Montenegro is interested,Yanyan Biai, who is on the edge, killing the gods, don’t look at it.。
“Evil,Disaster,Try Yan Mou’s hands and sword guards!”
Yan Biai is drinking,Hand sword,Manal pour,Enter the realm of human swords,The body is in the same way,Bath of the evil spirits,Sword of the sword,Direct thorn black mountain old demon chest。
A sword,Yan Chi-hai is full of face,Only empty air in the dark of Montenegro,seem、possible、Not allowed to not be his body。
“Your little Taoist,It is quite interesting。”
Montenegro,Receive the sight from Liao Wenjie,Say to Yan Chi:“You like a demon demon,That is integrated with this king,I will also be a demon.。”
Black fog,Drilling from Montenegro,Chemical as a ghost to grasp the Yan Chinensia limbs,Drag him into the arms。
good chance!
Yan Bixi is not as much as I want to think,After the waist, the diamond,Open one hand,The slap is covered in the hoe of Montenegro.。
Montenegro is only a half name,Wrapped in the Sanskritary chain of Diamond,Body movement,Burned by the Buddha Golden Flame。
“Ah, ah.————”
“Old demon,farewell,I will send you a process.!”
Yan Chiger rolled a few laps,Montenere demon that avoids Buddha,Finger tip,Overlapping‘Prajna’Sanskrit。
Once after drinking,骷髅 法 台 台 万 金 金 金,Munar light column scratches the darkness of the dark,Disperse the gas,Waters in this world into golden furnaces。
Montenegro,Shake and shake a little bit in golden light,Not only him,But anything is near the ghost,It is also a way to shine in Jin Guang.。
Army,The 阴 兵 们 上 上 上,At this moment, Jin Guangwei can,How far is how far?。
After a moment,Jin Guang dissipates。
Liao Wenjie climbs the collapse of the bones,From the bones,Duded out Yan Chi, who only reached a hand。
Yan Biai’s eye angle,Dungestal ejaculation,Not breathe,Speed speed fast:“Hurry,I suspect that this monster is still dead.,I can’t walk without leaving us.。”
The voice is just over,Wanli Plain,Earth waves are uncestneous,If this is a black sea,So,It is about to have the beast。
“Yan Hexia,How much is it??”
“You take the sword,I wiped my neck before I was self-sufficient.!”
Chapter 211 Palm!you die!I am born!
“Wipe the neck,It’s better to die.,If you can’t run,Let’s convinced the black mountain old demon to make big brothers.,Have a 10-year-old。”
Liao Wenjie reached out red line,Winger with Yan Chung Qixia chest and abdomen,Behind the open ghost wings,Diffury:“Dragon Dragon,Let’s join hands and do him.,Take his own brain as a night pot,I used you.,You used me again.……”
“The idea is good,Can be here,The flesh and blood is expected to have time.,Will only turn into a shelf,When you give you a night pot, you can’t get it.。”Yan Bixia handed down,Anger。
A few playing,More than the old monster of Montenegro,Although there is a Buddha,What sequelae will not be left?,But the oil is exhausted, there is no drop,Less to tell the month,Can you restore a full state?。
“Then throw his skull to the world,Built a public toilet。”