A gust of wind,Blew up the dust on the ground,Blow to the gate of the city, many people watching the excitement。
There are ordinary people,There are also practitioners,They are all speechless,Looking at this newcomer Zhu Chengzhu,Suddenly there is a desire to stand on the side of Shenfan Academy,Let’s make Zhu Minglang’s impulse to beat me up!
“Seal of the Lord,We won’t give it casually,You really want to take,Must pass the test of our Shenfan Academy。ruler,Power seater,all need!”Then the man in the peacock robe said。
“I do not accept。”Zhu Minglang refused directly。
“Can’t help you!”The woman with constant eyebrows exasperated。
“Things are ours,You keep it for now,Now the master wants to get it back,But you deliberately make things difficult?Do I really wish Minglang a good bully?。I wait another week,a week later,The seal of the city lord will not come out,I personally come to your Shenfan Academy residence to greet,Don’t blame me at that time, I wish Minglang didn’t show you mercy!”Zhu Minglang said。
“We came to inspect,Not only do you not cooperate,And asked us about Xingshi,So courageous,Don’t you be afraid that the order will rob you of everything?!”The woman with horizontal eyebrows said loudly。
I wish Minglang heard these words,But feel funny。
First of all,They are not orderers,There is no qualification for inspection at all。
Secondly,What to inspect?
Zhu Minglang has Runyucheng documents in hand,Replace as fake,Second about the ownership of Runyu City,Li Yunzi has also asked Commander Cheng to present it at the court,Not to mention that Li Yunzi is holding the national seal in her hand!
Runyu City Title Deed、Attribution documents and submissions from Dynasty Court,This is so clear that it can no longer clearly show the current situation of Runyu City。
Shenfan Academy is now running to talk about the inspection,It’s clear that I don’t want to provide Runyu City with blessing for national warfare。
And even the Seal of the Lord doesn’t want to give it。
Zhu Minglang knows the attitude of Shenfan Academy,There is no need to be polite with these people who came to question。