Han Genji dare not refute his grandpa’s arrangement,I also seem to understand what I need to do,After all, even Wu Fenghua looked respectful when he spoke,Han Genji doesn’t need to think about such a person,Because with my current identity,Can’t think of it。
The six bodyguards around Li Tianxing finally recovered from the incredible,My young master was really beaten,And still in front of myself!This time,For atonement,Six people have even the intention of killing!
One by one, he rushed towards Xiangchen fiercely,But then another wine bottle flew over from a distance,A bodyguard does not look,Kick it away with a whip kick。
“Don’t be afraid of Xiang Chen,I’m here!”
Xiangyang standing on the table,Holding two wine bottles in his hand。
Looking at Xiangyang,Xiang Chen can’t laugh or cry,If you don’t understand Xiangyang,,Xiang Chen must think this girl is deliberately betraying herself。
“Unexpectedly, there are still playing games to watch,Really interested!”
Zhu Ruzhi sat comfortably,Smiled at everything in front of me,It’s like the kind elders watching the younger generations play in front of them。
Chapter One Hundred Two After the ruthless talk
The sudden change shocked everyone present,The young master of the magic capital Li family was beaten at the birthday party of the Wanghai Zhu family,News like this,How much can you see?But saw it today!Such a scene,No matter how much money was spent on Father’s birthday gift today,It’s worth it!
Many people present began to have a nervous and excited mental journey,Only those old people sitting on the main seat,Not afraid of high blood pressure,And with an attitude of not being afraid of big things,Old god is here,I sometimes comment on a few sentences。It’s a pity,After Xiangyang threw out those wine bottles,The action scene that everyone is looking forward to,It looks like it’s coming to an end。
Zhu Shiyao, Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zheng Ziling are reasonably calming the restless Xiangyang,Zhu Shiyao is not worried about breaking her grandfather’s birthday banquet,I just feel that Xiangyang is a girl going to fight with a bunch of big men,Easy to suffer。