Hualixiang, the largest restaurant in Bairimen City,At the moment there are already full of guests,Guest like cloud。
No status in White Gate City,I really can’t get into the hall,Can only stand outside the windowsill,That’s pretty kind。
The huge Hualixiang Restaurant,Three floors,All are full of representatives from all forces。
The big round table in the center of the lobby on the first floor,Sitting are the masters of the Aoki Society。
The two most famous in Bairimen,Dragon Battlefield and Zhong Yeo,Two people sitting on the left and right,Sandwiched by them,It is Tu Shanming, the new president of the Aoki Club。
but,In the eyes of everyone,The newly appointed President Tu doesn’t seem to look very good,With two big dark circles,His face looked haggard。
No wonder,This age,He holds the power of the largest gang in Bairimen,I’m going to host this lobby meeting where all the forces in the city gather,I feel a little stressed,Also normal。
Seeing that it’s almost time,The upper and lower floors of Hualixiang are already full,From the gate to the center of the street,Also standing neatly full of people。
Among these people,Except for representatives of other gangs in the city,The other half are representatives of merchants and various industries。
Everyone saw it,The left side of President Tu,There is one seat left。
The gods have always respected the left,And judging from the normal seating,Vacant position,Is the true theme。
The vacancy is obviously reserved for distinguished guests,I just don’t know who is qualified to go up,Even Qingmuhui must be regarded as a guest of honor,I don’t want to come here。
“Are everyone here??”Tu Shanming wore dark circles under his eyes,Asked angrily。
He doesn’t know what happened to him last night,Wake up,I feel dizzy,Uncomfortable,It seems to have experienced a life and death fight,Feeling weak。
Zhong Yeo nodded,Smiled:“Report to the chairman,about there。”
Tu Shanming nodded,Waved his arm,Said weakly:“Let’s start!you please!”
Zhong Yeo got up slowly,Hugged fists at everyone present,Showing a signature smile。